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eCommerce Solutions

OEC simplifies the eCommerce process, making it easy to sell your parts to the right customers
Athoris – Leasing Companies Logo

Athoris – Leasing Companies

Fleet maintenance solution. Service, Maintenance, Repair (SMR), tyres, glass and MOT approvals from leasing companies. Athoris seamlessly connects leasing companies, fleet operators, suppliers and repairers.

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Call Centre & Telesales Logo

Call Centre & Telesales

Actively promote your offers and grow your trade parts business. We contact customers to develop relationships, spread awareness of your brand and promotional offers, convert sales, and generate leads for your business.

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CollisionLink Broker – OEMs Logo

CollisionLink Broker – OEMs

Sourcing the best part for the best price? That part is easy now when you can proactively compete against the aftermarket to increase genuine parts usage by integrating into collision estimating platforms.

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Parts Central Billing Logo

Parts Central Billing

Collect payments from customers and allocate them through Parts Central Billing to maximise your revenues. Optimising information flow in real-time, Parts Central Billing is recognised by all major fleet and insurance companies.

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Total Loss Avoidance Logo

Total Loss Avoidance

Discover Total Loss Avoidance, a solution that prevents vehicles from being declared as total losses, saving money for insurers and car owners while maintaining brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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Trade Analytics Logo

Trade Analytics

Use Trade Analytics to access informative dashboards and reports that will assist you in tracking customers' performance. Drill down into specific customer performance trends and turn parts data into actionable insights.

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Trade Coaching & Consultancy Logo

Trade Coaching & Consultancy

OEC Trade Coaching & Consultancy provides support to OEM and dealer aftersales businesses across every aspect of their trade parts programmes. Maximise your potential and grow your activity now.

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Trade CRM Logo

Trade CRM

Efficiently manage and organise your accounts, promotions, and information related to your parts programme through one robust tool that is accessible to all trade reps and telesales staff.

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Trade Marketing & Creative Logo

Trade Marketing & Creative

Bring automotive brands to life through creative solutions that are both effective and innovative, setting high standards that drive the entire experience. From strategy and management, creative and design, digital and print solutions.

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