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Now you can deal with all the moving parts.

VISION, CollisionLink Broker – I love that stuff. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s over with… it’s, honestly, the way of the future.

Sales man and client signing papers

When the Business is Running You

Too Many Systems

Bodyshops demand you use one system, manufacturers require another. How are you supposed to run a business when you are juggling so many moving parts?

Idle Inventory

You find yourself stuck with extra inventory, taking up space and hurting your bottom line. Other times, you scramble to find the parts you need in time.

Wasted Time

With so much manual work, you find yourself buried in busywork instead of spending time generating new parts sales.

Now for the Easy Part

Integrated Workflow

Work smarter and reduce human error when you streamline your systems with OEC. Processing sales and managing customer data is seamless thanks to an integrated system that makes it easy to juggle all the moving parts.

Simplified Inventory Management

View accurate inventory data and leverage OEC’s parts locators to fulfill orders faster, reduce idle inventory, and increase customer satisfaction. Don’t leave inventory up to chance, OEC helps you see it, reach it, and get it done.

Sell More Parts

Managing your business with OEC solutions cuts back on wasted time, which means employees can get more done in the day. Let the OEC solutions streamline the busywork for you, so you can get back to selling parts.

Mertrux partner with the VISION team through Mercedes-Benz Vans, ensuring our customers have a seamless parts quotation system and Total Loss Avoidance as their specialty. The VISION team offers additional support and is quick to supply part-numbered, priced quotes. They save us a great deal of time, ensuring the best possible customer experience is delivered.

Nigel B.

Parts Sales Manager, Mertrux

Connecting Your Team

Keep your team moving with OEC’s integrated solutions
Find all the information you need on one screen.
Instantly access inventory, pricing, and availability information from any device.
Seamlessly integrate with other platforms you are already using.
Automate processes that otherwise keep your team tied up in administrative work.

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