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Trade Marketing & Creative

Bring automotive brands to life through creative solutions that are both effective and innovative, setting high standards that drive the entire experience.

OEC Marketing & Creative mixes young creative design talent with endless marketing know-how. We are fully equipped to make sure your business looks its best and targets the right market in the right way.


Streamline Your Workflow

Creative & Design

From brand creation to interactive mobile platforms, OEC Creative excels at designing the right concept for your business.

Strategy & Management

We carefully construct a strategic plan in order for your marketing campaign to develop successfully and efficiently.

Print Solutions

OEC Marketing and Creative handle the print quality and distribution making the whole production process seamless.

Digital Solutions

Adopting a future-proof approach to digital design, OEC Creative will provide a solution for any device.

Key Benefits

How Will Trade Marketing Help?

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Market Penetration

Our Trade Marketing is designed to grow a dealership or manufacturer’s customer database. We do this through collaborating on attractive promotions, and our in-depth knowledge of how to market to customers at different stages of the process, engage them and then retain them.

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Parts Content

We work with vehicle manufacturers, providing knowledge based on our years of experience in Trade and regular interaction with our customers through our telesales team. We review the history of our Trade Marketing giving us unrivaled insight into Aftermarket trends, prices, and promotions, meaning we know what parts to promote and how.

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Customer Journey

Marketing forms a vital part of the Customer Journey. Not only do we create brand awareness for the entire Independent Motor Traders (IMT) and bodyshop network, but we also improve their relationship with your brand. We use automated marketing to touch your customers more often and with the information they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing is a huge field of services. How will what you offer work for us?

The first stage to any new project we undertake is investigation. We work with you to discover your needs and provide expertise and direction in the specific areas needed. Many of our clients come to us for digital marketing, which includes everything from web ads, to market data management, to UI/UX and development. We like to support any digital campaigns with printed collateral for a full suite of material. At every stage of the process, we communicate expectancies, results, and real-time adjustments to provide a tailored experience that accomplishes your unique goals.
The pillars of our marketing process are cyclical in order to continue improving indefinitely, but written in one line, they look like this:
Investigate > Communicate > Create > Communicate > Automate > Communicate > Recalibrate.

Creative is so subjective. How do your designers find consistent inspiration and follow through?

Our creative team operates by the motto: ‘Results Through Process’. To guide our experience and market trend research, we use a specifically outlined process to manufacture creativity on a daily basis, rather than wait around for inspiration to strike. Because of the subjective nature of the material, we use this process to incorporate multiple feedback loops from our clients as well as from internal people and departments involved in the project to ensure all voices are actioned. This results in a clear direction for our designers and deliverables agreed upon by all parties.

Do you provide ongoing marketing & creative support?

Absolutely. We take pride in our wide experience base and skillset which allows us to help our clients in their own specific ways. We realise that because of this bespoke approach, it might not be as easy to hire an agency, or someone in-house, or otherwise attribute appropriate resources within your business to continue the work and maintenance. We find that being there for our clients’ ongoing needs helps them breathe a sigh of relief in knowing they have a team to handle every aspect of marketing and creative for them. And, we are only successful when our clients are successful.

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