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Total Loss Avoidance

Total Loss Avoidance

The best way to recycle a vehicle is by keeping it on the road

Every day, hundreds of vehicles are deemed to be unrepairable and declared a Total Loss. Many of these vehicles are classified as non-repairable and must be scrapped or broken for parts.

However, many more vehicles are declared a Total Loss based purely on the cost of repair versus the vehicle’s Pre-Existing Value (PAV). These vehicles can be safely repaired but it is the cost of the labour, paint and parts that tip the vehicle to the category of a “Borderline” Total Loss.

More and more vehicles are falling into this category, costing the insurance industry millions, and leaving car owners without their vehicles following, in many cases, relatively minor accidents.


Streamline Your Workflow

Supporting the Repair

The cost and worry of replacing a vehicle often becomes a headache for the consumer as used car values remain strong and financing the next car becomes more expensive.

Vehicle manufacturers can support the repair of these vehicles with pricing support on the parts basket along with repairers often adjusting the price of their labour and paint to lower the overall cost of repair.

Collaboration with Key Stakeholders

OEC has a long history of working with manufacturers to facilitate Borderline Total Loss Avoidance Programmes. Now, by collaborating with insurers and repairers, we offer an enhanced solution that enables quick decision-making and the safe repair of cars, resulting in satisfied customers.

In the UK, in 2022, OEC saved 4,400 vehicles from being declared Total Losses, generating over £10m worth of parts sales on behalf of our OEM partners. With our new enhanced capability, we are already seeing an increase in the numbers of manufacturers and car owners saving more vehicles from the scrapyard in 2023.

How Total Loss Avoidance Benefits Customers

For OEMs:

  • Parts sales
  • Future service and maintenance opportunity
  • Brand loyalty
  • Lead management

For Customers:

  • Retains vehicle
  • Avoids GAP insurance issues


For Repairers:

  • Profitability
  • Supports estimate retention
  • Customer satisfaction



For Insurers:

  • Economic solution
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Policy retention

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OEC identify a potential TLA?

Our VISION application intercepts bodyshop estimate data and, based on agreed parameters, determines vehicles that are likely to be written off

Do I need to install technology?

No, all you would need to do is complete the online sign up form and we will receive your estimate data automatically, and contact you if we are able to support repairing a vehicle.

How do I submit a TLA application?

If your bodyshop is signed up to the VISION programme, then we would receive this automatically for brands we work on behalf of. Should you not be, we are also able to accept manual applications.

How do I receive a confirmation of revised parts pricing?

OEC will make an offer via email showing the revised parts basket price. Once confirmed and agreed, the order is placed with the supplying dealer at the revised terms.

How much does it cost me as a bodyshop?

Bodyshops do not pay for access to the OEC VISION system.

Genuine Manufacturer Parts

The following vehicle manufacturers offer parts availability through VISION or CollisionLink Broker in our international markets:

VISION for me is a NO BRAINER it is of great benefit to our business and indeed our customers who embrace it. I find it staggering that some body repairers still don’t buy into it. The program enables both us and the repairer to supply and fit manufacturer genuine parts at a competitive price, enabling us to choose the right option depending on the customer, the vehicle, and the work provider.

The Total Loss Avoidance scheme complements to whole offer from VISION to retain work in the body repair sector and is now a staple part of our operations to the extent we suggest the program to our customers not currently participating.

John H. –
Parks Motor Group

Having used the VISION programme for several years, it has become an integral part of our daily parts operation. With the competitive pricing that VISION is able to offer, it enables us to fit more genuine parts and as a result, help improve our service levels and K2K. As well as this, VISION also offers a fantastic Total Loss Avoidance solution, providing us with extremely fast quotations with what they can offer. This gives us the opportunity to repair more vehicles by reducing the cost of the parts basket.

Pete P. –
Group Parts Manager, KC Autos Accident Repair Centres Ltd.

Mertrux partners with the VISION team through Mercedes-Benz Vans, ensuring our customers have a seamless parts quotation system and total loss avoidance as their specialty. With incredibly busy parts departments across 4 sites, the VISION team offers additional support and is quick to supply part-numbered, priced quotes.

They save us a great deal of time, ensuring the best possible customer experience is delivered. The team is very knowledgeable & professional – supporting us with any queries or questions to ensure the end user is supplied as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Nigel B. –
Parts Sales Manager, Mertrux

Apollo Motor Group has been using VISION since its introduction back in 2016. The team is knowledgeable, reliable, and efficient which are all the attributes we need when ordering parts in today’s busy accident repair operations.

We find VISION to be a great benefit to our business and indeed the parts industry enabling us to fit manufacturers’ genuine parts at a competitive price thus enabling us to choose the right option depending on the customer, the vehicle, and the work provider.

To add further support, VISION also runs some of the best total loss avoidance schemes in the market knowing that they will do their very best to make the vehicle in question repairable in some very simple steps.

Paul C. –
Managing Director, Apollo Accident Repair Group Ltd.

The introduction of Collisionlink Broker has seen our parts operation increase our overall fill rate, improving overall sales.

The program has helped engage our customers further, building on already excellent relationships and retaining sales often lost to other markets.

We are excited by what the program will deliver in the future as it is only in its infancy in our market.

Nick B.
Parts Manager, Doncaster BMW

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