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Call Centre & Telesales

Call Centre & Telesales

Actively promote your current offers and grow your trade parts business.

The OEC Telesales team makes outbound sales calls on your behalf. During each promotional campaign, we contact a number of new and existing customers to develop relationships, spread awareness of your brand and promotional offers, convert sales, and generate leads for your business.

Streamline Your Workflow

Follow up on centralised marketing campaigns

Generate qualified leads and increase your return on investment.

Direct outbound sales

Save time attracting more customers with continuous initiatives and data collection.

Product focused promotions

Actively target customers based on national or regionally focused promotions.

Our Expertise

From planning and preparation, telephone manners, lead generation, listening skills, cross-selling and up-selling, building rapport, questioning techniques, and features/advantages/benefits discussions, to objection handling, we have got you covered.

We also propose training designed for all levels of expertise, all with the added advantage of a live telesales environment. OEC provides clear and effective coaching, easy-to-understand training, insights into handling the challenges of today’s inbound and outbound call activities, confidence building and objection handling support, and strategies for closing the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any technical setup required?

None at all. We set up dedicated telephone numbers where applicable and all outbound communication is logged in our CRM which provides transparent reporting for key stakeholders.

Can you manage inbound telephone support?

Yes, we provide overflow services for many Dealers to ensure all their Parts and Service inbound calls are picked up and dealt with to ensure customer satisfaction.

In which countries do you operate this service?

Our telesales team predominately supports the UK market, however we have an European team (French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch) who support parts logistic services for a large EU OEM.

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