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Trade Coaching & Consultancy

Tailored Trade Coaching and Consultancy programmes bring our expertise into the aftersales arena.

OEC Trade Coaching & Consultancy provides support to OEM and dealer aftersales businesses across every aspect of their trade parts programmes. This can include full-time resource work within an OEM to tailored coaching courses to provide the tools for OEMs and dealers to maximise their potential.

Streamline Your Workflow

Industry Expertise

Over 10 years experience with a focus on activity growth and professional networks.

Employee Development

Challenging the everyday routine, providing confidence and skills to new and existing salespeople.

Trade Performance Managers

Full-time resource assigned to trade parts programmes on behalf of an OEM. This can include leading a global/local strategy or providing regional managers to work with franchised dealers.

Parts Sales Representatives

Challenging the everyday routine, providing confidence and skills to new and existing salespeople, from planning for and learning about your customers to objection handling.

Generating appointments, getting help from the gatekeeper, listening skills, objection handling, asking for the business, planning and preparing, questioning and qualifying techniques, selling features, advantages, benefits, negotiation skills, and consolidating sales.


Planning and preparation, telephone manner, clearing the gatekeeper, lead generation, listening skills, cross-selling and up-selling, building rapport, questioning techniques, features/advantages/benefits, objection handling, and designed for all levels of expertise.

In-House Telesales Training

Clear and effective coaching that is easy to understand, handling the challenges of today’s inbound and outbound call activity, confidence building, objection handling, and closing the sale.

Our training is designed for all levels of expertise with the added advantage of a live telesales environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide full time support?

Yes, we provide many experts to OEM’s and Dealers across the world in full time positions.

Is this only available to OEM’s or can these services be provided to Dealers?

We provide support directly to Dealers.

Does a person need to be on site or can support be done remotely?

A lot of our desk based consultancy is done remotely with no need to be on site.

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