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Trade CRM

CRM mobile application and online telesales solution for tracking trade activities.

Efficiently manage and organise your accounts, promotions, and information related to your parts programme through one robust tool that is accessible to all trade reps and telesales staff.


Streamline Your Workflow

Stay Connected

Keep track of every interaction and customer touch point so you always know where they are in their sales journey.

Build Relationships

Tailor and personalise your communications using customer information for a targeted approach with higher engagement.

Customer Relationship Management

OEC understands the importance of maintaining customer relationships and sales pipelines. Ensuring that this information is easily accessible by all staff whenever they need it, via an easy to use app (Onsight) or an in office telesales system (Clearsight), will help transform and improve your business.

OEC’s CRM system allows you to manage call schedules and view all previous activities, as well as managing accounts by representative, dealership or group for ultimate flexibility. All current promotions and information relating to a programme can be viewed and shared with Independent Motor Traders (IMT) directly from the app and are available to view through the reporting system, so everyone is always kept up to date with the latest developments.

Keep Track of Your Customers

Search by customer information and sort by customers who have or have not been visited in over 30 days to identify those requiring a follow-up. Using the ‘Nearby’ feature, the CRM app will geolocate your position and identify customers to visit near your location. Key customer information is also stored against each account with the ability to add or change information for tailored and personalised marketing messaging.

Built to Aid Trade Rep Activities

Keep track of your Trade rep’s activity by having them check in for each visit, allowing for complete transparency into when they are actively visiting accounts. Also, track their activities to ensure they are meeting all the requirements of a successful customer visit. All Trade parts will be added to the application to allow the Trade rep to generate an onsite order for the customer from the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices is this available on?

Currently this is designed for tablet devices only.

How do I download?

This is available to download via Google Play and Apple store, however you would need to be sent a link for the version that you have available to you.

Can I have multiple Sales employees engaging with the same customers?

Yes, we can setup multiple users with access to the same customers and record all communications each of them have.

How do I access reports?

Reports are available via our AnalyticsLink platform.

Which countries is this available in?

The CRM is available in many global countries and in different languages.

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