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A comprehensive solution to boost your accessory parts sales.

AccessoriesLink facilitates the accessory part sales process for new and pre-owned vehicles, offering customisable options tailored to specific dealership needs. By providing sales teams with dealership-specific accessory pricing during face-to-face interactions with potential customers, AccessoriesLink helps streamline the sales process and improves efficiency.

Manager at Dealership

Streamline Your Workflow

Diverse selling opportunities

through a comprehensive accessories catalogue, showcasing all available for sale accessories with options for bundled sales opportunities.

Leverage this feature nationally or at an individual level

enabling users to select customised bundles tailored to the specific needs of their customers.

Easy, comprehensive setup process

designed so vehicle manufacturers can easily input and configure accessory details (part numbers, descriptions, list prices, labour times, images of vehicles & parts).

Key Features

Tailor-made for each dealership, AccessoriesLink provides sales teams with specific accessory fitted prices right at their fingertips.

The resources library offers an easily accessible collection of accessory-related bulletins and fitment guides for user convenience.

Support – OEC provides assistance in creating, distributing, and managing accessories-related support tickets raised by your dealer network.

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