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Athoris – Leasing Companies

By connecting leasing companies, fleet operators, suppliers and repairers, Athoris is the ultimate web-based solution for repair quote authorisation, management, and invoicing for SMR.

Does your lease or fleet company have challenges with Service, Maintenance, Repair (SMR), tyres, glass and MOT approvals from suppliers and repairers? Choose Athoris to make fleet management work approval and invoicing the easy part.


Fleet Management Work Approval and Invoice Solution

Athoris is a fleet management work approval and invoice solution for the lease and fleet market. It leverages data to seamlessly deliver digital workflows in the management of work between repairers, lease companies, and fleet companies.

Athoris makes it possible for automotive lease & fleet companies to deliver optimisations and efficiencies within their business through its unique digital authorisation platform. Our solution boasts an unrivalled network of repairers, including OEM-approved dealer locations, fast fitters, and government roadworthy test centres, to allow you and your drivers easy and instant access to a ready-made, countrywide repairers location*.

*Repairer network currently available in France only. Check with our sales team for other markets.


Automated Authorisation

With years of field experience, we know that manual authorisation processing can be costly, resource-intensive, and lead to customer dissatisfaction. So what if you could authorise your SMR work, tyre replacements, and bodywork automatically using data directly from manufacturers and reputable OEM sources, while maintaining an accurate vehicle history?

  • Most SMR quotes can be automatically authorised due to our sophisticated rules engine.
  • Athoris minimises effort and maximises efficiency, automatically validating the work order content against the contract terms and conditions.
  • No more endless phone calls, waiting times, and extra overheads.
  • You can now focus on your main activities and boost your efficiency.

Payment Disputes Eradication

  • Stop receiving an overwhelming barrage of invoices.
  • Athoris provides a fully integrated workflow and data transfer between a leasing company, a fleet operator and repairer systems.
  • It also produces electronic and dematerialised invoices, including authorised items only, which are fully reconciled before submission to the lease company accounting systems for repairer payment.
  • Contracts and rules are automatically checked against input files, leading to unequalled accuracy – no more posting or correcting invoicing.
  • Athoris shortens the payment process and reduces disputes.

Streamlined Workflow Management

  • Athoris makes your workflow simple through automation.
  • From the moment a repairer submits a work order all the way through invoicing, our solution facilitates quick progress on every vehicle.
  • Athoris stores vehicle history and online real-time chat information for increased speed and ease of communication.


Athoris also generates full audits and comprehensive business intelligence reporting, so you can gain real insight into your in-life vehicle management.
Processes are fully auditable with detailed work history orders logged from the point of creation through invoicing.

Why should I enrol for Athoris?

Lease and fleet companies new to Athoris will have access to the entire repairers’ network on the platform. We work closely with our repairers’ network to ensure all work submitted via Athoris is completed in a timely fashion via an integrated digital workflow to all major DMS providers in the market (where possible). Only approved job, labour and part data are submitted for authorisations. This ensures the quality of submitted work orders is based on the best available data, driving up higher automatic authorisation rates and saving both lease companies and repairers’ time. Your drivers can get work completed on their vehicle wherever they are.

Developed in partnership with the biggest lease companies and vehicle manufacturers in Europe, Athoris provides all the capabilities you need to effectively manage costs and work approvals. Combined with high levels of Automatic Approvals, we free up your team to focus efforts on complex approval requests. This provides optimisation and time saving for your business. With built-in dematerialised invoicing, Athoris ensures that only work approved by Athoris will be submitted and invoiced by repairers, optimising the process end to end, avoiding unnecessary calls and costs for your business.

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Main Benefits of Athoris

  • Work order approvals without technician intervention. Athoris has the capability to deliver automatic authorisations, reducing the work on your technicians as well as providing near real-time approvals for repairers, offering an excellent customer experience to your drivers.
  • Processing and application of your data to deliver business benefits, manage costs, and drive automatic authorisations.
  • Simple work order management including search, filter, ability to identify and manage work orders, alerts to identify updates, ability to assign and monitor work orders, in-app chat that also allows the exchange of files.
  • Workforce management tools for Technician Managers to effectively manage technicians and allocation of work orders.
  • Comprehensive controls to manage your car park and work permitted on your vehicles.
  • Cost control agreements for transparency on the types of work that can be done on your vehicles.


  • Comprehensive rules ensuring that work orders are compliant between the repairer and lease company, as defined in your agreements with the repairer.
  • Daily output file containing all your work order, invoice, vehicle and repairer information for use in your downstream systems.
  • Easy invoice management tools ensure you only pay for approved work.
  • An extensive set of controls and capabilities run against vehicle manufacturer recommended data. This provides you with complete control over the technical checks against a work order and the adherence to those rules.
  • Controls related to tyre data. Utilising your specific tyre data to control the number of tyres that can be fitted/used during a 12-month period or contract period.
  • On-demand curated dashboard and reports giving you access to the data you need, when you need it.

Our controllers save time when taking charge of the motorist, as they no longer need to make a request by phone to the rental companies. This collaboration between three players in the automotive industry, our network of technical controllers, the long-term rental companies, and Athoris, allows us to improve the customer service in our centres.

Stéphanie L. –
Sales Manager, Dekra Automotive

The administration reduction by digitisation is greatly appreciated, especially at the accounting level. Athoris shortens delays in terms of cash flow and payment. For us, the strong points of Athoris are, without any doubt, time-saving and a better cash flow.

Dimitri P. –
B to B & LCV Marketing Coordinator, Ford

With Athoris, the time saved processing files is greatly satisfying. Before its integration, we processed everything by phone (1 to 2 hours on the phone to process between 20 and 30 files for an Account Manager). Today, processing a file is just a click, with the automated authorisation being transferred directly to the invoice. Moreover, we save a lot of time on invoice payments.

Alexandre P. –
Director, Hydroparts

The ease of use of this B2B platform brings our organisation real productivity gains throughout the value chain. It has become essential for car manufacturers and their members of aftersales networks. Athoris’ agility includes functionalities for each of its leasing companies’ customers to independently set up automatic scheduling rules. This automation is made possible by relying on the OEM’s data, including parts catalogues, maintenance plans, pricing grids, and specific protocol conditions.

Eric M. –
Fleet Services Director, Arval

Frequently Asked Questions

How will repairers submit us their quotes?

Athoris enables authorised repairers to electronically submit service, maintenance, or repair (SMR) quotations for fleet vehicles.

How does Athoris authorise the content?

Athoris uses approved Vehicle Manufacturer and tyre data for work approvals and provides the capabilities for Lease and Fleet companies to use their own data sets and standards to effectively manage all aspects of work approval. We have built the backend systems allowing you to use your own data without having to convert it into a standard format. This means when you make the decision to launch Athoris, we can onboard you quickly and efficiently.

Will invoices match work orders?

With built-in, dematerialised invoicing, OEC ensures that only work approved by Athoris will be submitted and invoiced by repairers, optimising the process end-to-end, avoiding unnecessary calls and costs for your business.

What support resources are available for Athoris?

The OEC Help Centre is available 24/7 and offers articles and insights to help answer your questions and provide step-by-step instructions for almost anything related to our product. Online searchable knowledge base provides 24/7 access to instructional articles and videos. Our PSO team will handle your onboarding to Athoris. Once you are onboarded to ‘live’ and out of the Hypercare period, our Customer Success team will assist you with further support with training and programme configuration. Your dedicated Customer Success Representative will be assigned and available for continued support.

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