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Fleet Management Companies

OEC connects leasing companies, fleet operators, suppliers, and repairers for smoother fleet management and an improved bottom line.

The administration reduction by digitalisation is greatly appreciated, especially at the accounting level. Athoris shortens delays in terms of cash flow and payment.

Dimitri P.

B2B and LCV Marketing Coordinator, Ford

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Inefficiencies and Distractions

You need to keep vehicles on the road for maximum profitability, but little distractions and inefficiencies add up to idle time, wasted resources, and tighter margins.

Complex Processes

Every single time a vehicle needs servicing, you spend time negotiating pricing with an individual dealer.


Whether it is about pricing, timing, or another detail, miscommunication with dealers and repairers wastes time and throws a wrench in your process.

Wasted Time

The more time you spend on administrative tasks, the less time you have to actually manage your fleet.

Now for the Easy Part

Consolidated Billing

Rather than handling invoicing on an individual dealer level, Athoris makes it possible for dealers and fleet management companies to work together seamlessly. With centralised billing and a network of dealers under one programme, your vehicle will be back on the road generating profit in no time.


OEC connects leasing companies, fleet operators, suppliers, and repairers through one central network. The result is smoother communication and a more consistent repairs process for everyone involved. With greater transparency comes quicker repairs, which means more profits and fewer headaches.

Automation Saves Time

Athoris helps fleet management companies cut back on administrative busy work surrounding repairs by creating a transparent system. Instead of wasting time negotiating with dealers, suppliers, and repairers, get back to work creating efficiencies and managing your fleet.

OEC Solutions

Athoris – Repairers Logo

Athoris – Repairers

Fleet maintenance solution. Service, Maintenance, Repair (SMR), tyres, glass and MOT approvals from leasing companies. Athoris seamlessly connects leasing companies, fleet operators, suppliers and repairers.

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Book more services and upsell with ease. Give your customers 24/7 access to book your services. BookLink can be integrated with existing systems such as lead generation systems and DMSs, and with your workshop diary.

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Drive efficiency, and profitability for dealership service departments. From taking customer bookings, and quoting, to vehicle health check-ups and quality checking work, all stages of a service journey are covered.

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Our controllers save time when taking charge of the motorist, as they no longer need to make a request by phone to the rental companies. This collaboration between three players in the automotive industry, our network of technical controllers, the long-term rental companies, and Athoris, allows us to improve the customer service in our centres.

Stéphanie L.

Sales Manager, Dekra Automotive

Connecting Your Team

Keep your team moving with OEC’s integrated solutions

Find all the information you need on one screen.

Instantly access inventory, pricing, and availability information from any device.

Seamlessly integrate with other platforms you are already using.

Automate processes that otherwise keep your team tied up in administrative work.

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