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Comprehensive estimates? That’s the easy part now.

MSOs have more tasks than ever. Vehicles are becoming more complex every day, making it a challenge to capture complete estimates while also staying on top of your workload and tracking changes across the industry.

Streamline Your Workflow

EstimateIQ drives profitability through consistency, efficiency, and quality repairs. Powered by an intelligent business engine, EstimateIQ, a cloud-based estimate analysis tool for MSOs, is developed to account for all relevant operations, so you can deliver a complete and accurate estimate.

Driving Profitability

With an average lift of ~$100 per EstimateIQ reviewed repair order, EstimateIQ helps you see your profits add up quickly. On average, MSOs can also experience an additional $4,000+ of additional revenue per month for each location using EstimateIQ.

Efficiency, Consistency, and Quality

Boost efficiency by reducing user error and level the playing field with EstimateIQ’s simple, user-friendly design. EstimateIQ also promotes consistency across staff and locations, so you can spend less time training and more time growing your business by providing quality repairs for your customers.

Unmatched Customization

EstimateIQ allows you to set specific values you know will be accepted by insurance partners. Plus, instead of asking you to review pick lists, EstimateIQ uses enhanced intelligence to present only relevant operations on an estimate.

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Comprehensive Estimates? That’s the Easy Part Now

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