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Geo Labor Rate & Tax Guide

An Easy-to-Use and Accurate Guide for Accessing the Prevailing Repair Labor Rates & Taxes

Labor & tax rates differ by state and zip code, making the repair rates difficult to pin down. The OEC Geo Labor Rate & Tax Guide, a cloud-based application, uses location specific information to calculate repair labor & tax rates for any address.

Geo Labor Rate & Tax Guide Solves for:

Labor Rates

  • Rate transparency for all industry stakeholders
  • Rates are refreshed regularly to capture industry fluctuations
  • Extensive zip code coverages provides local labor rates for out of state claims


  • Multi-tiered tax rates are simplified in a single view
  • Geo-coding provides tax rates down to the specific street address for accuracy (by longitude and latitude)
  • Geo-coding provides easy access to local tax rates for out of state claims

Geo Labor Rate & Tax Guide is providing our staff local knowledge in a centralized environment.

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