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Keep Your Fleet Business in the service lane.

FleetLink is very user-friendly and it saves me so much time. Everything is right there, and locating labor is easy. It’s great when someone comes in for service who is in the FleetLink network.

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Lost Efficiency, Lost Profit

Complex Workflow

When your workflow is as complex as it is, little distractions and inefficiencies are bound to sneak in and subtract from profit.

Communication Breakdown

Communicating with various dealers and repairers about pricing, timing, and other details can lead to unexpected road bumps and slowdowns.

Time Wasted - Every Day

When FMCs are forced to continually negotiate pricing, it leads to the manual handling of thousands of invoices that could have been handled automatically.

Now for the Easy Part

Reclaim Lost Business

Manufacturers only get a small percentage of aftersales fleet business. FleetLink allows for incremental sales throughout the entire lifecycle of a fleet vehicle.

Streamline Efficiency

Processing repairs can take 3-5 times longer without national pricing and online authorization. The extra saved time allows dealers to be more efficient and repair more vehicles.

Reduce Common Servicing Issues

FleetLink helps reduce reconciliation issues which can inundate dealers and take up valuable time.

Fleet Solutions

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Consolidated billing tool encouraging Fleet Management Companies to get their vehicles repaired in the dealership service lane. Reduce reconciliation issues, consolidate billing, receive repair order authorization and payments.

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FleetLink has freed up so much time – obtaining authorization can be done in just a quarter of the time and I have time to do everything else and spend more time with the customers.

Connecting Your Team

Keep your team moving with OEC’s integrated solutions

Find all the information you need on one screen.

Instantly access inventory, pricing, and availability information from any device.

Seamlessly integrate with other platforms you’re already using.

Automate processes that otherwise keep your team tied up in administrative work.


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