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OEC Certified Repair Network

Now a Certified Collision Repair Network (CRN) is the easy part with tools and resources to help collision shops, vehicle manufacturers, and insurance companies ensure safe, high-quality repairs.

OEC connects collision shops, vehicle manufacturers, and insurance companies through one common goal: enhancing consumer safety. But as vehicle technology advances, so does the complexity of the repair. Every day, technicians face increasingly tougher challenges as emerging vehicle technologies become a part of the day-to-day work experience. Sounds complicated, but that’s why OEC CRN solutions provide the necessary tools and resources to help the industry make quality, safe repairs easier.


Streamline Your Workflow

Standardize Your Processes for Operational Efficiency

Keep pace in a changing industry with the right tools, equipment, and training, plus access to the proper repair procedures. OEC helps independent shops, dealer repair facilities, and multi-location operations:

  • Deliver accurate, quality repairs to customers
  • Maintain shop productivity
  • Increase profitability
  • Strengthen your reputation

Protect Brand Integrity and Build Customer Loyalty

Drivers choose automotive brands for many reasons: style, prestige, value, functionality… But buyers all have the same expectation for the repair: knowing that once a vehicle is repaired, it will look & perform the same as when they drove it home. This is why the OEC CRN solution helps OEMs::

  • Encourage CRN certification
  • Develop customizable CRN solutions based on program requirements
  • Generate parts sales
  • Promote safe repairs

Improve Quality and Create Value for Customers

Today’s drivers view their vehicles as extensions of themselves. When it comes to collision repairs, your customers expect the insurance company to take care of them during this challenging time. That’s why it’s easier when you can count on your network of repair shops to do right by your customers – every time.

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The OEC Certified Repair Network Family

Our Certified Repair Network (CRN) solutions feature standard and customizable tools for shops & OEM certification programs
and provide options for non-brand specific coaching & consulting services.

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