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Make retailer daily stock orders the easy part with the right parts in stock across your service network.

PartsEye helps complete an optimized stock order in minutes – not hours, creating more time to focus on sales & special orders. With optimized stock & locally stocked part numbers, PartsEye provides:

  • Less waste, damage, or shrinkage
  • Fewer obsolete parts with 98 percent of suggested orders sold within nine months
  • More parts in the stock order with fewer overnight deliveries & waiting customers
  • Improved service & sales

The Right Stock in Less Time

PartsEye typically increases the number of locally available part numbers by up to 40-50 percent, while reducing capital and space requirements. PartsEye was built for parts managers with workflow tools & reporting that reduce time on the screen and create more time for selling parts.

Enable your service shops and
satisfy customers

Get the job done with the right parts onsite. It all starts by having the right part at the dealership – it’s the enabler for service excellence. Complete more repairs in one technician event and give your team the parts (and time) to complete more discretionary services.

Move to the modern, connected parts service era

PartsEye connects your retailer data across the network, so you can see what’s really happening. Customer fill rates and inventory health guide parts strategy, so you can focus on selling service vs wholesaling parts to dealers. Deliver more parts efficiently via daily stock orders and reduce expedited shipping costs.

Be a hero with the power of OEC

Drop the stick & carrots and partner with your retailers to deliver customer satisfaction with the power of OEC supply chain tools. Extend your supply chain to customers with PartsEye, advanced D2D, & backorder fulfillment.

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PartsEye’s stock order is so user-friendly that it’s the simplest interface I’ve ever seen. Their reporting maximizes the benefits I receive from my factory’s parts programs by identifying which parts are candidates to return and that helps me keep my inventory clean. I’m thrilled that we now have two of our franchises using PartsEye and look forward to having it expand to include even more.

Brian McKinney

#1 Cochran Automotive

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