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CollisionLink Dealer

Go from “make it work” to “it just works” with CollisionLink®, the collision industry’s all-makes solution designed to help auto dealerships & suppliers do business with collision repair facilities.

CollisionLink streamlines the collision parts ordering process and makes selling collision parts the easy part of the day with fast, accurate online parts order processing.


Streamline Your Workflow

CollisionLink also allows manufacturers to offer reimbursements to dealers and suppliers on parts conversions and automates the calculations & reimbursement process.

CollisionLink is designed to help dealers & suppliers:

  • Increase collision parts wholesales
  • Access 40,000+ enrolled shops
  • Easily access information with CollisionLink Internal Reports, including:
    • Salesperson Summary & Detail
    • Shop Summary & Detail
    • Parts Analysis
    • Market Comparison

Price to Compete

  • CollisionLink lets dealers & suppliers:
    • Competitively price collision parts
    • Increase order accuracy
    • Process parts orders more efficiently
    • Sell more collision parts
    • Better compete within the market

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Click the Download Now button below for access to the CollisionLink brochure for more information on how CollisionLink provides dealers & suppliers with the tools they need to grow their wholesale business! 

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CollisionLink Brochure

When Everything’s Connected, Everything You Have to do is Easier

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CollisionLink helps me save time and gives me the opportunity to sell more collision parts. I can get the entire order sometimes with just a few adjustments in CollisionLink, especially the parts that are on the program, where without it I wouldn’t have sold anything.

Steve S.

Part Sales, Kempthorn Motors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CollisionLink?

CollisionLink is an online parts sales software solution designed to streamline the collision parts procurement process between collision shops, dealers, and suppliers. The platform gives you visibility into the entire estimate and eliminates hard-to-read faxes, making it easier for shops and repairers to order parts.

Using CollisionLink, dealers and suppliers leverage automaker parts programs for incremental sales opportunities and to increase efficiency and accuracy with simple automation.

Why should I enroll in CollisionLink?

With over 40,000 active collision repair centers on CollisionLink and 47 Manufacturer programs available, it is highly likely that your collision repair centers are already using CollisionLink for other Manufacturer part orders. Enrolling in CollisionLink allows you to:

  • Consolidate orders into one user-friendly, online portal for faster order processing
  • Automate reimbursement submissions to eliminate time-consuming paperwork
  • Reduce part returns
  • View the entire estimate and maximize sales opportunities
  • Easily communicate important information to your collision repair centers, including order status, shipping date, cost and more!
  • Access a team of OEC professionals to help train your staff
  • Sell more parts

What resources are available for CollisionLink?

The OEC Support Center is available 24/7 and offers thousands of articles and insights to help answer your questions and provide step-by-step instructions for almost anything related to our solutions.

We also have a dedicated Customer Success team to assist with training and program configuration. Your dedicated Customer Success Rep is available for continued on-boarding and to support program maximization.

What shops are on CollisionLink?

When you enroll in CollisionLink, you get access to a list of all the shops and repairers that added you as a vendor.

Your Customer Success Rep can help identify high-volume transacting shops and with 40,000+ shops active on CollisionLink, your customers are likely enrolled in CollisionLink and using the platform with other dealers and suppliers.

How do my shops get access to CollisionLink?

CollisionLink is free for shops and they can enroll by visiting and clicking “Shop Sign-Up.”

Shops on CollisionLink can simply start sending orders to preferred dealers and suppliers to access the benefits of CollisionLink. Simply call your shops to let them know you are on CollisionLink or use our easy to create marketing pieces to add to your invoices or deliveries.

How can I get CollisionLink?

For questions and registration information call: 888-776-5792 Ext. 3

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