OEC Technology Solutions Create Efficiencies for Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEC® has built its business on helping OEMs and their dealer networks increase the sale of original equipment parts, improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction. As parts e-commerce technology providers in the Automotive, Heavy-Duty Truck and Construction markets, OEC solutions, services and subject matter expertise lead the industry.

Over 16,000 dealership parts departments have access to the OEC system. It is the preferred solution for dealers to log into every day. With OEC, parts managers have access to all of their parts ordering and fulfillment solutions at their fingertips with one login, one solution. Dealers can access everything they need to source, market and to sell parts for your business.

At the OEM/Corporate level, OEC offers a broad range of capabilities to help solve your parts issues, from emergency backorder fulfillment, to integration of OEM parts programs at the point-of-sale, to consolidated billing and financial settlement for wholesale fleet customers.

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Price a service job in moments increase profitability

Menu Pricing delivers accurate prices in under ten seconds. This secure system is so easy to use, there’s no need to tie-up your highly trained staff on costing jobs anymore.

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Track the quality performance of your workshop, quickly and easily

QCheck makes it easier than ever to track the performance of each workshop operative, to know what they are doing well, as well as to understand aspects of their every day working practices that may have a negative impact on how customers view your company.

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24/7 customer access to schedule service appointments

Online Booking which lets customers easily and conveniently schedule the work they need to be done with you, not someone else.

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Business Intelligence

Real World Parts Availability and Sales Knowledge

Built on the OEC® parts e-commerce platform, Business Intelligence Solutions provide access to a near real-time view of inventory and transaction data of your total franchise network and authorized distributors.

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Turn Supply Chains into Supply Networks

OEC can help transform OEM replacement parts supply chains into collaborative supply networks — facilitating speedy, cost-effective dealer-to-dealer trade and fulfillment while maintaining market-wide lean inventory levels and carrying costs.

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Backorder Referral

Efficient management of backordered and mission-critical parts.

80% to 90% of a supply chain's backordered parts-in-need can be found within the inventories of the dealer network. Additionally, 25% of the needed parts are sitting idle. OEC® solutions help dealerships efficiently manage backordered and mission-critical parts.

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Marketing Idle to Reduce Returns

Helping dealers better market idle and excess inventory helps OEM networks reduce returns while freeing up valuable working capital. OEC® Parts Marketing Solutions target the root cause of returns by offering dealer personnel multiple means to market bulk and single-part idle to qualified buying markets.

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Seamlessly connecting leasing companies, fleet operators, suppliers and repairers online in real-time

Athoris is a cutting-edge, web-based platform designed to provide the ultimate solution for maintenance and repair quote authorization, management and invoicing.

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