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OEC eMarketing

Turnkey marketing campaigns make retaining shops & generating revenue the Easy Part.

Shop retention is critical to parts operations. But you have limited resources for marketing to current shops, making retention a challenge & impacting your business.

Data shows that the average loyal repair shop spends over 5x more than a new shop. Plus, it’s actually 5x more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing ones.

That’s why we created OEC eMarketing
OEC eMarketing provides seamless, professionally crafted marketing campaigns that use our data analytics engine to target your existing shops based on their buying behaviors.

OEC eMarketing promotes your parts department to your shops!

If you’re looking to grow your parts operations, retention marketing efforts cost less and are more likely to produce stronger results. Let OEC eMarketing act as your in-house marketing department so you can grow your parts business and increase profits while making the most of your current staff and resources.  

OEC eMarketing allows your parts team to:

  • Increase dealership visibility
  • Boost customer interactions & drive sales
  • Re-engage existing customers who are no longer ordering parts

Engage & retain shops by:

  • Targeting buyers by leveraging OEC eCommerce data
  • Extending sales efforts with email marketing
  • Keeping your parts operations top of mind

Creative email marketing campaigns help:

  • Effortlessly generate additional revenue with a truly turnkey solution
  • Utilize polished messaging, encouraging customers to use your parts department
  • Keep shops connected to your dealership’s parts counter

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Download the Value of Shop Retention article for more insights into how our new, turnkey solution can impact your dealership!

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