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D2D Express

Make backorder fulfillment the easy part.

The D2D Express backorder fulfillment solution helps increase customer satisfaction while also providing opportunities to generate parts sales. Using D2DLink® to integrate inventories into a single virtual warehouse, the OEC patented D2D Express technology automatically:

  • Shops the backorder request to dealers in the network who have the part in stock
  • Awards the order to the first supplier to respond, earning incremental sales
  • Integrates with shipping providers to help support your backorder program

Streamline Your Workflow

D2D Express helps you find the parts you’re looking for and sell the parts that other dealerships need. This allows you to better serve your customers while also generating extra sales on top of your traditional market – all with very little extra work.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

D2D Express lets you locate backordered parts from the dealer network and get the part often the next business day, helping your dealership:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Return vehicles to owners quickly
  • Promote brand loyalty
  • Provide greater customer satisfaction

Sell More Parts

D2D Express helps you sell more parts by allowing you to respond to dealers looking for parts that are available in your inventory. Create instant sales opportunities, ones that often go beyond your traditional market.

D2D Express added $300,000 to my top-line last year just by responding to online requests for emergency backordered parts. I ship an average of 20 – 30 packages a day. The technology does all of the work and I reap the benefits of incremental parts sales.

Scott W.

Parts Manager, Leif Johnson Ford


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