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CollisionLink Shop

Go from “make it work” to “it just works” with CollisionLink® Shop

CollisionLink Shop is free for shop users and streamlines collision parts ordering by making collision parts sourcing the easy part with a fast, accurate online solution.

Streamline Your Workflow

Free for collision shops, CollisionLink Shop:

  • Helps repair teams quickly find the right parts for the job
  • Creates a faster, more efficient parts procurement process
  • Offers access tens of thousands of high-volume collision parts
  • Features 26 manufacturer partnerships, 47 parts programs, and 9,000+ enrolled dealers

Why CollisionLink Shop?

CollisionLink Shop makes it possible for collision shops to:

  • Improve cycle time & customer service
  • Protect profits on both parts & labor
  • Easily upgrade available features! Get additional tools with CollisionLink Plus to:
    • Access OEM catalog images to ensure complete orders
    • See if parts on the estimate fit the VIN
    • Instantly know what’s in stock with parts availability

It’s easy to enroll in CollisionLink

Just click the button below to get your shop started on CollisionLink Shop!

I’ve talked about the days before we had CollisionLink and I’m not sure how we survived without it. I don’t want to think about that now. Once you start using CollisionLink, you will not go back. I tell people that if they want my business they need to use CollisionLink too; that’s how important it is to my business.

John M.

Manager , Mixon's Auto Body

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CollisionLink?

CollisionLink is an online parts procurement system designed to streamline the collision parts ordering process between collision shops and dealers. Using CollisionLink, shops can purchase parts at a competitive price or receive incentives through automaker parts programs and promotions simply by purchasing parts online through CollisionLink.

What are the key features of CollisionLink?

  • VIN details. Improve parts order accuracy with access to VIN details, paint codes, trim codes, and more, and improve customer satisfaction with open recall notification.
  • Part discounts. Access tens of thousands of parts that qualify for discounts.
  • Industry’s largest network of dealers. Minimize the number of ways you need to send orders to dealers.
  • Parts, price, and order status at-a-glance.  See part pricing upfront and if your dealers received, opened, or responded to quote requests and orders.
  • Seamless integration with all major estimating systems. Automatically import your collision estimates, so you can easily send quote requests and orders to your dealers.

Can I place orders with any of my dealers & parts suppliers?

Yes. When you click the Order button, orders are sent electronically to your suppliers’ CollisionLink screen (if the supplier is enrolled in CollisionLink and accepts online orders) or to the suppliers’ fax (if the supplier does not accept electronic orders).

Will I still need to talk to my dealer?

CollisionLink is not meant to replace the telephone. It’s intended to help dealers and shops communicate easier and faster. Instead of calling a dealership to provide part number details, a shop can send the order using CollisionLink, see an onscreen reply that the order was received and still call the supplier to clarify and ask questions if desired.

How can I get CollisionLink?

Visit to enroll. CollisionLink is available to repair facilities at no charge with free training and support.