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Dealing with Fleet Management Companies? Let’s Make this the Easy Part.
FleetLink is a consolidated billing tool that encourages Fleet Management Companies to get their vehicles repaired in the dealership service lane. FleetLink simplifies the process for dealers to become a preferred vendor and receive repair order authorization and payments.

Streamline Your Workflow

Connecting Key Players

  • When Fleet Management Companies and dealers collaborate, everyone wins
  • Fleets receive fast, high quality service and simple billing
  • Dealerships reclaim a portion of lost fleet business

Fleets and Dealers Save Time

  • FleetLink helps reduce reconciliation issues which can inundate dealers and take up valuable time
  • Consolidated billing means Fleet Management Companies no longer need to negotiate pricing with individual dealers
  • For dealers, without national pricing and online authorization, processing repairs can take 3-5 times longer
  • Saved time allows dealers to be more efficient and repair more vehicles

Improved Bottom Line

FleetLink creates efficiencies and streamlines the repairs process for Fleet Management Companies and dealerships. The result is saved time, increased business, and more time on the road for fleets—so everyone can see more profits.

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Fleets are directing more of their vehicles to our Service Department and we’ll gladly take them; we will take all the business we can. You are kind of crazy if you don’t use FleetLink. It’s a tool that everyone needs to use!

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