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A quicker, more streamlined payment process for increased profitability.

Payments provides a safe, quick, cost-effective, and simplified way to manage your business. Experience low fees, automatic refunds for returned parts, and the ability for dealerships to charge a restocking fee. All of these features function through the RepairLink platform and its network of 77,500+ buyers that use the platform to order parts 24/7.

Streamline Your Workflow

The manual payment process slows you down and hurts profits. Enroll in Payments to upgrade this outdated process to one that works for you, not against you.

Save Time

  • Payments helps you improve and automate the ordering, payment, and reconciliation process
  • You have fewer hands-on hours spent manually processing orders
  • Experience reduced cycle time on receivables and greater efficiency from employees

More Sales

  • Payments operates through the RepairLink platform, which connects you to over 70 thousand buyers for an increase in online orders
  • Convert more browsers to buyers with simple, user-friendly ordering
  • Payments lets you keep more profit from each sale with low fees and no onboarding charge

Automated workflow

Automation makes it easier to get your job done. Payments allows you to automate purchase orders, payments, return credits, reporting, and more. You can stop managing so many moving parts and dedicate more time to making sales.

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