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Tire Replenishment Tool

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Automated Replenishment Tools enable dealer networks to maintain optimum stocking levels of authorized distributor parts and tires. Integrated with our parts sourcing solutions, dealers can pre-set stocking parameters, enabling parts and accessory distributors to automatically monitor inventory levels for timely replenishment.

Streamline Your Workflow

The Tire Replenishment Tool automatically ensures proper inventory levels and eliminates the time consuming process of keying in daily orders.

Automated Orders

Ordering and reordering has never been easier. OEC’s Tire Replenishment Tool lets you save time with automatic reordering and helps:

  • Match inventory with dealer needs to increase sales & reduce stock-outs
  • View dealer stocking guides
  • Save money with fewer emergency orders
  • Manage backordered stock
  • Respond to dealer orders in bulk

Help Dealer Customers Win Tire Sales

The automated system allows dealers to simply set a stocking strategy – the work is done for you, providing an easy way to maintain your stock of tires & help achieve target goals. The Tire Replenishment Tool helps dealers:

  • Access all orders in one place
  • Work toward tire program incentives with auto replenishment
  • Spend time on sales strategies – not hot shot orders
  • Add scheduling predictability with an order schedule
  • Increase tire sales & maximize availability at the dealership

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Go From “Make It Work” to “It Just Works”

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