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Auto Repair Solutions

OEC simplifies all the moving parts, so you can save time and improve your bottom line and enhance customer experience.
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Athoris Lite

By seamlessly connecting leasing companies, fleet operators, suppliers and repairers, Athoris is the ultimate web-based solution for SMR.

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Give your customers 24/7 access to book your services in just a few clicks.

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Customer loyalty is easy when you run a workshop capable of checking a vehicle in under 10 minutes.

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Go from “make it work” to “it just works” with CollisionLink®, the collision industry’s all-makes solution designed to help auto dealerships & suppliers do business with collision repair facilities.

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CollisionLink Plus

CollisionLink Plus is here to help your shop save MORE time and capture MORE profit.

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Comprehensive estimates? That’s the easy part now.

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FleetLink is a consolidated billing tool that encourages Fleet Management Companies to get their vehicles repaired in the dealership service lane.

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OEC Certified Collision Repair Network

Now a Certified Collision Repair Network (CRN) is the easy part with tools and resources to help collision shops, vehicle manufacturers, and insurance companies ensure safe, high-quality repairs.

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Increase your production efficiency and your bottom line.

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Turning a quote around in 10 seconds flat is the easy part now.

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This is the part where dealers, suppliers, and shops can finally get off the phone and submit, receive, process, and track parts orders online.

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Here's the Part that Makes Repair Research Fast and Easy

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Drive capacity, efficiency, and profitability for dealership service departments.

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VISION/CollisionLink Broker

Sourcing the best part for the best price? That part’s easy now when you can proactively compete against the aftermarket to increase genuine parts usage by integrating into collision estimating platforms.

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