Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC)
Powered by the World Leading
Parts Authoring Platform

EPC from OEC works seamlessly with your business solutions and is optimized for accuracy and simplicity to identify parts, with best-in-class data directly from the OEM.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Used by over 10,000 dealers across the globe, EPC from OEC supports more than 30 languages. With direct integration with OEM systems and services, multiple user groups can access and utilize the system.

Best-In-Class Data

  • Authored by the leading experts in technical parts authoring
  • Automatic data and software updates for most up-to-date functionality and accurate catalog data
  • Scalability across multi-franchise dealerships
  • Automatic updates
  • Increased confidence for your parts business
  • Single part identification

Streamlined Workflow

  • Time savings by reducing redundancies in everyday workflow
  • Quick and easy data access making day-to-day business transactions faster and more accurate
  • Easy to use, Fast, and Accurate
  • Browser agnostic
  • Online customer support center
"With the increasing demand for parts to service, maintain, repair and customize vehicles it is imperative parts information is best-in-class and consistent, OEC delivers this"
OEM Aftermarket Manager
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