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Connecting crash repairers directly with vehicle manufacturers, using specially-designed software, VISION notifies vehicle manufacturers central sales teams of every collision estimate written. Our experts analyse estimate data and promote the use of genuine parts on all repairs where an Aftermarket part may have been specified. VISION is actively competing with the Aftermarket wherever possible.

VISION is available in countries outside of the USA and Canada. Visit our CollisionLink page to find out about our North American Collision Software.

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The industry leader in OEM parts procurement and distribution

Benefits every party involved

VISION implementation benefits every party in the repairs process. OEMs and dealerships see increases in parts sales, crash repairers receive accurate and instant decisions and customers are satisfied knowing that their car is fitted with accurate and genuine OEM parts.

The OEM connection

VISION already works with over 20 OEM partners to ensure a wide range of parts are available whenever they are needed. VISION also brings full visibility into repairs being carried out for OEMs and promotes savings on OEM parts for crash repairers and dealerships.

Total Loss Avoidance

VISION is the only system on the market to offer efficient, accurate and instant decisions for vehicles deemed to be written off by the insurers. Every year, thousands of vehicles are written off by insurance companies because their repair is deemed too expensive relative to the vehicle’s market value.

VISION is the fastest solution for Total Loss Avoidance on the market. By using data-driven algorithms, VISION proactively seeks vehicles within crash repairers that are deemed borderline total loss. Our bespoke total loss scheme is still to date the most efficient and accurate solution available to vehicle manufacturers, insurers and repairers.

Market Intelligence

VISION offers the most comprehensive market intelligence within the crash repair industry. The process of using data from all areas of the repair industry including leading estimating platforms and management systems, we can offer bespoke reporting, management dashboards and intelligence to cover all requirements and be your genuine parts solution.

Benefits For Bodyshops

• Save borderline cars with VISION’s Total Loss Avoidance initiative

• Get only genuine parts from 19+ OEMs at competitive prices

• Receive a quote within 15 minutes

• VISION is completely free of charge for bodyshops and authorised repairers

Apollo Bodyshop

“Apollo Motor Group have been using VISION since its introduction back in 2016. The team are knowledgeable, reliable and efficient which is all the attributes we need when ordering parts in today’s busy accident repair operations.

We find VISION to be a great benefit to our business and indeed the parts industry enabling us to fit manufacturers genuine parts at a competitive price thus enabling us to choose the right option depending on the customer, the vehicle and the work provider.

To add further support, VISION also run some of the best total loss avoidance schemes in the market knowing that they will do their very best to make the vehicle in question repairable in some very simple steps.”

Paul C., Managing Director, Apollo Accident Repair Group Ltd
KC autos

“Having used the VISION programme for several years, it has become an integral part of our daily parts operation. With the competitive pricing that VISION is able to offer, it enables us to fit more genuine parts and as a result, help improve our service levels and K2K.

As well as this, VISION also offers a fantastic Total Loss Avoidance solution, providing us with extremely fast quotations with what they can offer. This gives us the opportunity to repair more vehicles by reducing the cost of the parts basket”

Pete P., Group Parts Manager, KC Autos Accident Repair Centres Ltd.
MG Cannon Westbury Accident Car Repair Centre 305781 large 1

"As a highly regarded manufacturer approved Bodyshop group, MG Cannon value our relationship with the OEConnection team because of the professional and prompt service they provide to all of our parts departments.

Because they work so closely with most leading motor manufacturers, they support us to locate, source, specify and purchase original equipment parts quickly and accurately, while also enabling us to compete with price points in the non-O.E. market. This supports us to fulfil our commitment to the customer to repair and return their car to the manufacturer standard.

OEConnection also support several OEM total loss avoidance programmes, which again helps us to keep vehicles on the road by creating additional savings to enable this to happen – especially on borderline repair values or older vehicles"

Steve C., Group Standards & Compliance Manager MG Cannon Ltd

Genuine Manufacturer Parts

Vehicle manufacturers parts available through VISION in Europe:

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