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You Need to Sell Parts on eBay – Let’s Make this the Easy Part.
Gain access to millions of new customers by featuring your part listings on eBay. A part is sold every second on eBay – and MarketplaceDirect gets your OE parts listed and visible to buying customers as quickly and easily as possible.

Streamline Your Workflow

Now for the easy part. Selling parts online can be a time-consuming process that requires entering product features, diagrams and compatible vehicles. MarketplaceDirect makes the online selling process easy by using information and diagrams from the automaker.

You just need to choose the parts to sell, enter a pricing formula, and MarketplaceDirect® does the rest!

Quick, Easy Listing

It doesn’t get easier than this:

  • Our award-winning Customer Success team will set you up on MarketplaceDirect
  • From there, upload a list of the parts and the prices you want to set – that’s it

Top-Tier Customer Service

  • MarketplaceDirect provides seamless and timely order status and shipping information to your customers
  • You don’t have to worry about managing notifications or customer communication—it’s all automated through MarketplaceDirect

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New Avenue for Sales

Taking advantage of the booming auto parts market on eBay opens up new doors to make sales. And since MarketplaceDirect makes it simple to list and process sales, you can enjoy the boost in revenue without the hassle.
It is most definitely easier to sell parts with Marketplace Direct. We were doing some selling on eBay on our own. You had to list each piece by itself. Marketplace Direct gets my product out there. Having the opportunity to do multiple lists is a good thing. If I want to list items separately and sell it for less, I can.
Pat Jackson

Parts Manager, All Star Automotive


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