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Customer loyalty is easy when you run a workshop capable of checking a vehicle in under 10 minutes.
CheckLink is quick and easy to use. Not only does it increase workshop control quality, but it empowers employees to understand the importance of quality and attention to detail. This promotes best practice, rectifies repetitive issues, and improves service bay utilisation and throughput.

Streamline Your Workflow

CheckLink manages clients’ expectations, reduces comebacks and improves the overall experience. This means that you retain clients and increase loyalty. Since loyal customers are five times more likely to purchase again, this leads to higher profitability.

Save Time

  • It only takes 10 minutes to check a vehicle
  • This reduces comebacks drastically, which saves time and resources
  • The data gathered then becomes the building blocks of efficient quality control
  • You can identify vehicle issues by brand and model, avoid mechanical liability and audit failure, ensure technicians and quality performance, and identify training needs
  • Reports are delivered in ‘real-time’ for total visibility

Easy Connectivity

  • CheckLink can integrate with other applications, and assist part sales
  • Workshop staff can enter data to support quality and improvement across the entire workshop
  • With the entire workshop working in harmony, you can provide better service and avoid repetitive issues

Boost Client Loyalty

CheckLink leads to better service for clients. Boost your reputation and keep loyal customers coming back for more purchases. 96% of users experience 30% improvement in the first year. When you correct issues before the vehicle leaves the workshop, avoiding repeat work and customer dissatisfaction, you can dedicate more time to customer service and making sales.

Key Stats

Over 4,000 dealers across 30 markets use CheckLink

500,000+ repeat repairs avoided

2+ million vehicles already quality checked in over 30 countries worldwide

96% of users experience 30% improvement in the first year

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