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This is the Part Where You Deliver Real-Time Pricing Based On Real-Time Data.
MyPriceLink from OEC revolutionizes the manufacturer’s collision parts pricing by seamlessly delivering multiple pricing strategies to the industry.

Take Control of Your Pricing

Our patented technology delivers manufacturer suggested list price across the entire collision industry, while controlling who receives it and why. As a rules-based dynamic pricing tool, the MyPriceLink technology allows manufacturers to deliver real-time list-based adjustments while collecting business intelligence.

New opportunity
through pricing

  • Deploy innovative pricing strategies directly into the estimate writing process
  • Build strategic relationships through pricing programs with insurers, MSOs, and fleet companies
  • Control access to prices
  • It means the “one part, one list price” is no longer the only way to go when pricing manufacturer parts

Dynamic Flexibility

  • MyPriceLink from OEC makes it easy to not only keep up with an ever-changing market, but to be a driver of that change
  • Offer customers market- vehicle and repair-based pricing in real time as estimates are written, resulting in more sales and Manufacturer Parts for the repair
  • Provides part list price calculations driven by manufacturer-defined attributes and business conditions

MyPriceLink Benefits

Benefits to Dealers

  • Provide suggested list prices on genuine OEM parts in real time to your customers
  • Opportunity to sell more parts through real-time pricing
  • DMS invoice integration where applicable
  • Access to OEM parts marketing programs (conquest programs) within the MPL application.
  • Access MPL list pricing directly within your DMS*

Benefits to Carriers/Adjusters

  • Seamless, uninterrupted user experience
  • Provides immediate price visibility on participating OEM parts estimates
  • Allows you to view MyPriceLink suggested list prices in real time via a Look-Up Tool
  • Set up user accounts for your company either one-by-one or by uploading your list of users
  • Supported by all major estimating systems

Benefits to Shops:

  • Seamless, uninterrupted user experience
  • Provides immediate price visibility on all OEM parts estimates
  • Provides a quote ID your dealer can use to look up your estimate
  • Supported by all major estimating systems

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Advanced Technology

MyPriceLink is integrated with all major estimating systems to deliver a seamless, uninterrupted workflow experience.

Audatex Estimating

CCC ONE® Estimating


Mitchell Estimating


DMS Integration


Reynolds and Reynolds



MyPriceLink DMS providers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyPriceLink

MyPriceLink delivers manufacturer suggested collision part list prices at the time an estimate is written via a real-time, online pricing engine. Monthly price files will still be issued, including all genuine OEM parts; select collision parts (MyPriceLink Parts) will be shown with a $0 list price, and parts not flagged as MPL parts will continue to show price as usual.

How do dealers get started?

If you already use an OEC solution, you are all set. OEC will automatically update your login to display new tools in a MyPriceLink tab.

If you do not currently use an OEC solution, you will need to complete a simple registration process before you can take advantage of this free solution. Click here to create a company account with a username and password to access the OEC Dealer Portal, where you will find your MyPriceLink Tools.

Where can I get MyPriceLink training & support?

Dealers can access MyPriceLink training in the following locations:

  • Knowledgebase articles in OEC Help Center when in MyPriceLink through the OEC portal
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs using “Show Me How” in MyPriceLink in the OEC portal

Please contact your DMS provider to request MyPriceLink integration, and for their setup and workflow instructions.

OEC Customer Support may be reached by:

Shops and Fleets using CollisionLink Shop can view training and help documentation in the OEC Help Center, which is available using the link at the top right of CollisionLink Shop.

Where do dealers go to get list prices on collision parts?

If you already use the OEC CollisionLink® solution to process your collision parts orders, MyPriceLink pricing will automatically appear.

For inquiries and orders outside of CollisionLink, you may be able to get MyPriceLink List Prices directly in your DMS.

If you are not a CollisionLink subscriber or get inquiries and orders outside of CollisionLink, use the MyPriceLink tools within OEC.

How will my shop customers get OEM pricing?

All major CES are integrated with MyPriceLink and will automatically display list prices based on the information provided in the estimate and the OEM’s pricing strategy at the time the estimate is created.

If a shop uses a system that is not integrated, they can use CollisionLink Shop to view MyPriceLink prices either by having their estimates imported or by using the MyPriceLink Price Look-up Tool. If a shop does not want to use CollisionLink, the shop will need to contact their dealership for pricing.

How will I know that a list price provided by a shop is valid?

Dealers have three methods to validate MyPriceLink List Prices from a shop’s estimate:

  1. Through their CollisionLink order
  2. Through the MyPriceLink Quote Search tool in the OEC portal using a VIN or Quote ID provided on the estimate.
  3. By selecting a MyPriceLink quote in the DMS system (for participating DMS providers only).

Does this mean manufacturers are now selling to my customers?

No. Manufacturers are not selling parts directly to your customers. We are continuing to provide your customers with a list price, as we always have, but with a new tool to provide real-time pricing. The buy-sell relationship remains between you and your customers.

Can I still provide a discount to collision repairers? To the public in general?

Yes. MyPriceLink provides a manufacturer suggested list price only. Your business relationships with your customers remain between you and them.

Which MyPriceLink or CollisionLink tool do I use and when?

Orders that appear in CollisionLink need to be processed through CollisionLink as it provides all parts from the estimate along with the pricing.

For all other pricing requests, either use MyPriceLink tools (Quote Search or Price Lookup) or get pricing in your DMS (as applicable).

What is the MyPriceLink tab in the OEC portal?

If you are not a CollisionLink subscriber or you get inquiries and orders outside of CollisionLink, you will use the MyPriceLink tab within the OEC portal to look up quotes or pricing for all genuine OEM collision parts for participating OEMs.

What if I am not an OEC customer?

If you do not currently use an OEC solution, you will need to complete a simple registration process before you can take advantage of this free solution. Click here to create a company account with a username and password to access the OEC Dealer Portal where you will find MyPriceLink tools.

Where can I find more info on CollisionLink?

Please visit the OEC website to get information and enroll. Or contact the OEC Sales team at 888-776-5792, ext. 3.

How can I get MyPriceLink integration with my DMS?

A CollisionLink subscription is required for all MyPriceLink integrations. Request to be setup for MyPriceLink integration with your DMS (a fee may apply). Once complete, you will be able to get MyPriceLink pricing directly in your DMS. You are also able to export your quote/order information from the MyPriceLink and CollisionLink tools to easily import the quote into your DMS to finish processing. Please note, functionality may vary based on DMS.

What if my DMS is not integrated with MyPriceLink?

If your DMS is not integrated, MyPriceLink prices will need to be transferred into your DMS manually to create invoices. Step-by-step instructions for this process will be provided by each DMS prior to the launch of MyPriceLink.

Please reach out to your DMS provider and request MyPriceLink integration.

Will dealers honor MyPriceLink list prices at the time of a parts order?

Sell price is often based on a percentage discount off list price for collision shops, so OEMs understand the importance of providing tools for dealers to know the quoted MyPriceLink List prices. Dealers have two methods to view a historical MyPriceLink list price:

  1. Through their CollisionLink order
  2. Through an MPL Quote using the MyPriceLink Search tool in the OEC portal, allowing the dealer to see quoted List Prices for a given estimate.

It will be at the discretion of each dealer to honor the historical MyPriceLink list prices. OEMs do not determine sell price nor guarantee that a historical list price will be honored by dealers.

Why is the Quote ID or Estimate ID on an estimate important?

The Quote ID or Estimate ID is a unique number that associates quoted MyPriceLink List Prices for a given estimate, so that dealers fulfilling collision parts orders can easily look up historical MyPriceLink List Prices related to a specific order. This is only needed for orders not sent through CollisionLink since CollisionLink orders are integrated with MyPriceLink.

Why is my MyPriceLink List Price different for different repairs although it is the same part number?

MyPriceLink enables real-time pricing to be generated up front at the time the estimate is written. This allows pricing to be based on current market dynamics versus traditional static monthly price tapes.

Can MyPriceLink prices be retrieved manually?

Yes. There is a MyPriceLink Price Look-up Tool that is accessible in the following applications:

  1. OEC Dealer Portal’s MyPriceLink tools – available for dealers
  2. – available for collision shops and fleets

Does a MyPriceLink quote have an expiration date?

MyPriceLink quotes do not have an expiration date. However, dealerships will only be able to view open MyPriceLink historical quotes up to 120 days after the quote was generated.

The dealer has the option to honor the quoted prices.

Who do I call if I have a question?


  • DMS: Contact your DMS provider
  • CollisionLink or MyPriceLink tools:
    • Use the OEC Help Center built into every solution.
    • Reach out to OEC Support
  • Other OEM specific, non-technical questions: Contact your OEM rep

Shops and Fleets:

  • Collision Estimating System: Contact your CES provider
  • CollisionLink Shop:
    • Use the OEC Help Center built into every solution.
    • Reach out to OEC Support

Insurance Companies and Independent Adjusters:

  • Collision Estimating System: Contact your CES provider

Are DMS systems charging for invoice integration?

Some DMS systems are charging for MyPriceLink integration while others are not. Dealers can contact their DMS to make sure they have the integration available, request the feature, or find out if there are any associated fees.

Will other OEMs be adopting MyPriceLink?

OEC/CollisionLink currently manages 35 parts programs for 18 automakers in the US. Many manufacturers are very interested in the success of this approach for the initial OEMs as they see this as either a complement and/or replacement for their current parts strategy. Many manufacturers have expressed interest and we are in discussions to start rolling this out to others in the future.

How do I optimize setup the in my DMS for MyPriceLink?

To use the MyPriceLink DMS integrations, you must have list price set to $0 in the DMS (typically in the inventory file) for MyPriceLink parts.

List price overrides (such as using cost escalators) set up by the dealer must be removed for MyPriceLink parts to get MyPriceLink pricing.

Each DMS has their own unique setup instructions which may include additional instructions (ex: installing price tapes). Please contact your DMS for MyPriceLink setup instructions.

How does MyPriceLink impact margins?

MyPriceLink is a dynamic pricing engine OEMs can use to optimize list prices to align with their pricing strategy goals.

Dynamic pricing could result in a list price that is lower than cost. For this situation, the OEM may choose to provide a MyPriceLink reimbursement to offset the loss.

Dynamic pricing could also mean the list price would be increased resulting in a greater margin for dealers.

Why does List price differ?

There are a few reasons why the list price may differ:

  • If a dealer uses the Price Lookup tool in MyPriceLink and does not fill in all the information in the Vehicle and Payer section, the price will be different from what appears on the customer’s estimate, which would have all the data entered.
  • Settings may not be accurate in the DMS
  • MyPriceLink pricing is not used in all OEC products.

Why can body shops/CES see list price but I (dealer) can't?

This is a bit of a misconception. Dealers can see the MyPriceLink list price and so can body shops. Estimating Systems are integrated with MyPriceLink. When the body shop saves/commits an estimate, a MyPriceLink quote is created. Participating DMS are also integrated with MyPriceLink to provide access to that same MyPriceLink quote. Dealers may also access the MyPriceLink quote within MyPriceLink Quote Search.

MyPriceLink quotes allow the dealer to see the parts and prices generated in the estimate. When a dealer needs to supersede a part number in a MyPriceLink quote or add parts to the order, the list price will be generated using the same attributes that are contained in the MyPriceLink quote. The result is that pricing would be the same as if the customer had entered those parts in their estimate.

Please reach out to your DMS if they are not yet integrated with MyPriceLink and request it.

How can I see the entire estimate from my body shops through MyPriceLink?

Shops creating estimates using one of the major estimating systems will automatically have an MyPriceLink quote created when they save the estimate. Based on the insurer, both OE and non-OE parts will be included in the quote and visible when you search for and open a quote through MyPriceLink.

Shops with CollisionLink may install the Estimate Uploader tool allowing all parts on an estimate to appear in the MyPriceLink quote.

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