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RepairLink Dealer

This is the part where dealers & suppliers can finally get off the phone and receive & process parts orders online.

RepairLink is designed to help dealerships and suppliers communicate faster and more effectively with customers. RepairLink provides a competitive advantage and an easy way to connect for fast, accurate mechanical parts order processing.

Simplified Parts Ordering & Processing

RepairLink is an online automotive and heavy duty parts solution. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access to receive & process mechanical parts orders.

RepairLink Helps Dealerships & Suppliers:

  • Improve order accuracy
  • Access flexible reporting with Excel integration
  • Measure sales, inventory, and performance
  • Reduce non-revenue generating phone calls
  • Access DeliverNow, the most cost-effective way to service most buyers with same-day, on-demand delivery.
  • Save time & streamline your workflow with EPCLink integration

Promotional Parts Programs

  • RepairLink dealers & suppliers get to take advantage of promotional programs that:
    • Provide competitive prices to repairers to help increase part sales
    • Offer back-end reimbursements
    • Include popular MOPAR, GM, INFINITI, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Volkswagen, International, and IC Bus parts

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Click the Download Now button below for access to the RepairLink brochure for more information on how RepairLink provides dealers & suppliers with the tools they need to grow their wholesale business!

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RepairLink Brochure

This is the Part Where You Can Finally Get Off the Phone

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Shops don’t have to call just for pricing information or wait by their fax machines for parts illustrations. RepairLink speeds up the entire process, which is a plus for our customers and for us.

Randy M.

Parts Manager, Walker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use RepairLink Manufacturer parts catalog software?

RepairLink is available to franchised dealerships interested in increasing their efficiency and part sales. RepairLink is available to any shop that enrolls in the program and selects a participating dealership to buy parts from online.

Will RepairLink replace parts orders by phone?

RepairLink is not meant to replace telephone orders. It’s designed to help dealerships and repair shops communicate faster and easier.

Instead of calling a dealership about part numbers, technical illustrations, pricing and availability, repair shops can find all of that information on RepairLink. Shops can place their order online. Or if they choose to call in their parts order, the process is more streamlined and efficient. Phone calls are minimized and shorter in duration.

Can you train my parts department to use RepairLink?

Yes. OEC has an experienced team that can guide you through RepairLink and answer any questions. Simply call 1.888.776.5792, ext. 2. You can also find computer-based training and other online resources in the Support Center within RepairLink.

Can RepairLink accommodate assigned shop accounts for each salesperson in my parts department?

Yes. You can configure RepairLink so that each person in your parts department receives only orders from specific people at specific shops. You receive instructions on how to set this up when you enroll in RepairLink.

What benefits does RepairLink provide to repair shops?

  • Mechanical repair shops specify parts through the industry’s most comprehensive web-based parts ordering platform
  • Customers see technical illustrations and diagrams to ensure accurate parts orders, eliminate faxes and see related parts for increased add-on purchase opportunities
  • Online communication and on-screen order status keeps customers informed on order and parts delivery status
  • Convenient, 24/7 online ordering helps ensure customer satisfaction

How can I convince independent repair shops to order replacement parts through RepairLink?

To enroll more shops, communicate the benefits of RepairLink with brochures, email templates, and other marketing tools.

What benefits can I expect after my dealership enrolls in RepairLink?

  • Receive, process and track orders online in a secure and convenient web-based application
  • Strengthen relationships with existing mechanical repair shop customers, build new accounts, and increase fleet/installer business by providing an easier parts ordering process
  • Improve order accuracy to reduce parts returns and increase customer satisfaction through VIN filtering and illustrations directly matching those in the EPC
  • Increase efficiency by reducing the number and duration of phone inquiries because repair shops see parts, illustrations, pricing, and availability online

How much does RepairLink cost my customer to use?

RepairLink is free to your repair shops. They pay no registration fees, no monthly fees, and no transaction fees.

What are the minimum system requirements to use RepairLink?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or greater, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari browsers.

Are there any installation requirements to use RepairLink?

No. RepairLink is a web-based solution so you don’t need to install anything.


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