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​DeskREV® simplifies and speeds up the review, mark-up, negotiation, and documentation process.

Whether you work as an independent reviewer or on a larger team, DeskRev supports efficient estimate reviews or audits from any estimating platform, allowing users to catch included operation overwrites, exceptions to policy guidelines, and display prevailing rates & parts availability.

Streamline Your Workflow with DeskRev


DeskRev provides customizable compliance rules review for insurance requirements, part sourcing, and estimate overwrites, ensuring adherence to policies and procedures. 


Flexible output 

Takes in EMS/BMS and converts estimate PDFs from any estimate platform into readable, editable estimate details, providing users with both a red-line version and final version with approved changes.  


Easy to configure

Uniquely configurable, DeskRev allows third-party users to easily assist with overflow work assignments.

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