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How do I sell slow-moving or non-returnable parts?

​Selling slow-moving or non-returnable parts is actually easier than you think.
Did you know slow-moving parts or idle inventory that stays on your shelves for more than six months has a 49% chance of no future sales, and after twelve months that figure jumps to less than a 2% chance of selling?

This can cause huge problems for your business – with space limitations or with the bottom line of your wholesale business. By marketing your parts that are non-returnable, or sitting idle for too long, with a larger discount, you can help to entice buyers and sell your parts.

Utilizing a parts locator solution such as D2DLink can combat idle inventory by creating visibility to your parts inventory for other dealers to buy. With a simple search, other dealers can see what parts you have available (with discounts) and they can buy from you in no time at all.

If you have a larger lot of slow-moving or non-returnable parts you’d like to sell, you may also want to consider an idle parts solution that sells these type of parts in bulk. By sharing this inventory, an idle parts software solution (like our PartsBrokerDirect) matches you with buyers and allows you to create customized rules on parts you will sell and discounts you want to apply. You can also create bulk shipping discounts to help make shipments easy. If you want to see how an idle parts solution works, check out PartsBrokerDirect which matches idle parts buyers and sellers with personalized brokers to assist in set up and customization.

To learn more about personal brokerage solutions at OEC,click here.

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