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How well does the average dealer do at selling mechanical parts?

Not all dealers are mega-superstar sellers, and that's OK!

You may have read How the Best Dealers Sell Online and after seeing those numbers thought, “Yeah this will never be our dealership.” Don’t fret — “average” dealers do well selling online and they don’t need 70+ shops to do it.

We always say the more shops the better (since the number of eyeballs on your inventory can lead to more parts sales), but don’t forget success isn’t defined by the sheer number of shops. It’s by how much these shops do business with you. We have many dealers who do very well by reaching out to their top five shops to generate their online business.

Here is how an average dealer does on RepairLink:


While we encourage shops to push the “order” button, some still don’t. And for some dealers, that’s perfectly fine. These dealers find just having their inventory online to be well worth it (some shops STILL are hesitant to order online and just look up the parts they need and then call). We wish every single shop would hit the order button and take advantage of deeper discounts, but with over 30,000 shops looking in RepairLink monthly, there are bound to be a few that just call their dealer.
Your online parts solution you choose should always be your advocate. If you are a dealer on RepairLink, we provide shop training monthly, marketing for dealers, and customer support. Go with an online parts solution that wants shops to buy parts as much as you do!

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