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Adopting a new technology

Technology isn't about adding more work; it's about making your existing workflows easier.
Mechanical dealers

"We know repair shops want to use OEM parts. It helps us level the playing field with the price. We like that we have to fax fewer illustrations to the shops because they are able to view them online."
Brian D., Wholesale Parts Manager, Graham Automall

We no longer have to look on multiple websites to see which car our customers are working on – we just have to look at one: RepairLink."
Kevin S., Parts Director, Hawkinson Nissan/KIA

Collision dealers

"The number of non-OEM parts that we sold as OEM nearly tripled… and we also went from 25 to 40 shops during that time period. We know we can serve our customers faster and more efficiently – and still maintain personal relationships -- if they use CollisionLink to place orders." Dane R., Wholesale Parts Manager, Mile High Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi

Create a huge revenue stream for your dealership and open up your parts department to a completely new set of customers.
  • You can fish with bait or cast a large net. Here is why we recommend fishing with bait.
  • Customers need to be able to find your site, and without SEM and SEO they won’t know your site exists.