How much does it cost to sell idle parts?

It all depends, but there are options.

It varies depending on how you are selling. For example, if you are selling with PartsBrokerDirect, there is no subscription fee to sign up and your only cost is a small broker fee if you sell parts. Additionally, make sure you choose a solution that allows you to market your idle inventory to buyers without any risk.

What’s great about selling with a broker solution is having a personal broker to ensure your selling experience is consistent, and the ability to make changes/adjustments to your offer rules at any time. Lastly a personal broker can assist you with shipping of the parts you sell, and solutions like PartsBrokerDirect have partnerships that make shipping easy, and affordable rather than figuring out shipping logistics on your own. This will help you keep more money in your pocket and receive the best price by using shipping partners set up for you, rather than paying a premium to do it yourself.

How do I handle shipping my idle parts once I sell them? Shipping doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive piece of the idle parts selling process. With an idle parts management solution like PartsBrokerDirect, you can have your personal broker handle the logistics of your orders for you.

PartsBrokerDirect will handle everything from quotes from shipping partners to find the best price, to tracking, and all of the in-between. This will save you time to focus on selling more parts, and also ensures you get the best rate since the brokers have the ability to negotiate.

With PartsBrokerDirect, there are no extra fees for your broker to handle shipping, you only pay for what you ship and be directly billed to your parts statement. You will have the ability to review the shipping quotes and determine shipping constraints and pick-up times. Once the confirmation you’re your broker is complete, they will send confirmation to you via email with all of your shipping documents (bill of lading and shipping labels) for you to print. Also included in the confirmation is the tracking information to give you peace of mind that your shipments arrive as scheduled to your customers. We know that shipping can be a burden, so we take away all of the added stress to get you back to focusing on selling OE parts.

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Those parts on your shelf are costing you money.
Being matched with other dealerships looking to buy/sell parts can help move your idle faster and more effectively.
It all depends, but there are options.