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How do I choose a DMS integration solution?

A DMS integration solution shouldn't add more steps, but eliminate them.

Your goal in a DMS integration solution is to find one that works with your current parts selling software and has key features that you need to work better. A solution like DMS Connect integrates directly with solutions that you may already be using (CollisionLink, RepairLink, D2DLink, D2D Express, and MarketplaceDirect). With a solution like DMS Connect, you get all of your information within solutions you already use, eliminating the need to train your employees on a new system. The right DMS integration solution:

  • Showcases important information such as sell price and quantity-on-hand
  • Creates quotes without having to go between your DMS platform and your other parts solutions
  • Has pricing flow directly from your DMS provider to your OEC solution so you don’t have to update them separately
  • Provides the ability to create a quote directly to your DMS, reducing mistakes from re-keying in parts numbers and saving significant time

Your data can tell a powerful story; BI pulls that data together to provide accurate insight and replace guesstimates.
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  • DMS Integration means linking your DMS to the online parts selling solution you use to sell parts.