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My team has great relationships and insights with our shop customers already, how would a Business Intelligence solution help?

Even the best, most experienced team can benefit from the story that BI data tells.

You likely have several shop customers that have true potential for sales growth and your team has spent time developing great relationships with them. But aside from those top shops, does your team has the time or the bandwidth to keep track of all their customers on a highly detailed scale?

Without data, it may seem okay since they are still buying parts regularly, but where is the opportunity for growth? BI is able to dig beneath the surface into buying trends and make sure these opportunities are visible and accessible for you to capitalize on them.

Ask your team, the next time they lose a customer, did they have a gut feeling? Did they know they were going to leave? Unfortunately gut feelings are not key indicators that a customer will go elsewhere. With the power of data in easy to read reports, you can put your faith into the numbers instead of your intuition. Your team can act on the insights, rather than wait until they stop buying to take action. The data that is available within a BI platform allows you to look at the entire picture holistically and see the customer story in detail. This allows you to have in-depth conversations with your customers about their buying behavior and remedy the problem before it becomes too late.

As you know, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to your business. With a lot of competition in the market, it is important to understand the ins and outs of your shop’s behavior and buying habits — even when they are buying a lot — to make sure you can keep them happy and continually buying from you.

LinkIQ is a solution that has easy-to-read reports to get to know customers more intimately, make quick decisions on pricing strategies, and have valuable information for conversations with your customers. If you are able to be proactive in your approach with your shops, you can stay ahead of the competition and ensure that you’re able to grow with them.

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