OEC Certified Repair Network

Set New Standards for Quality
Collision Repair

Solutions designed to enhance consumer safety and help collision shops operate any type of OEM certification program.

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The OEC Certified Repair Network Family

Our Certified Repair Network (CRN) solutions feature standard and customizable tools for shops & OEM certification programs
and provide options for non-brand specific coaching & consulting services.

The Market Segments we Connect

Collision Shops

Standardize your processes, operate more efficiently, and build your reputation for quality.

Looking to keep pace in a changing industry? We work with shops to ensure they have the right tools, equipment, and training as well as access to the proper repair procedures to fix vehicles back to factory specification. We help independent shops, dealer repair facilities, and multi-location operations, deliver accurate, quality repairs to customers while maintaining your shop’s productivity and profitability.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Keep vehicle owners safe, protect the integrity of your brand, and build customer loyalty.

Protect your customers and the value of their vehicles. Drivers choose an automotive brand for many reasons, whether it’s style, prestige, affordability, or functionality. Regardless of their motivation, buyers all have the same expectation — safety and value for their investment. Drivers also need to trust that a repaired vehicle will look and perform as well post-repair as the day they drove it home.

Insurance Companies

Improve quality and create value for your company and your customers.

Deliver on your reputation for quality customer service. Today’s drivers view their vehicles as an extension of themselves. When it comes time to repair a vehicle after a collision, your customer expects your company to take care of them during a challenging time. You, in turn, count on your network of repair shops to do right by your customers every time.

Build Your Reputation for Quality Repairs

As vehicle technology advances, so does the complexity of the repair. Every day, technicians face increasingly tougher challenges as emerging vehicle technologies become a part of their day-to-day work experience. OEC CRN solutions provide the necessary tools and resources to help the industry make quality, safe repairs easier.

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Program Features

Shop Certification

Allows shops to earn OEM collision repair certification to support proper repairs, help decrease liability risks, and promote vehicle safety – all within a greater network of OEM-certified collision repairers.

Tools for Quality Repair

Operate standard or customizable certification programs with the right tools, equipment and training as well as access to the proper repair procedures to fix vehicles back to factory specification.

Coaching & Training

Features expert, non-brand specific coaching, training, and consulting solutions to support high performing operations and greater profitability.

Resources & Advocacy

We make it easy for vehicle owners to connect with certified shops, featuring referrals direct from the OEMs and online body shop locator listings with personalized microsites.

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