The Collision Industry’s All-Makes Solution Helping Dealers Increase OE Part Sales.

The Industry Leader in
Parts Procurement

CollisionLink is the collision industry’s all-makes solution giving dealers the ability to increase their wholesale collision parts sales.

Gain Visibility to the
Entire Estimate

CollisionLink converts non-OE parts to OE and reduces ordering inaccuracies with every estimate.

"The number of non-OEM parts that we sold as OEM nearly tripled… and we also went from 25 to 40 shops during that time period. We know we can serve our customers faster and more efficiently – and still maintain personal relationships -- if they use CollisionLink to place orders."
Dane R., Wholesale Parts Manager, Mile High Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi

Why Use CollisionLink?

OEM Programs

CollisionLink partners with 21 OEMs to offer 27 special programs in the US and Canada that help you competitively price OE parts to better compete with the aftermarket. These programs allow OEMs to offer reimbursements for the conversion of non-OE to OE, helping to regain lost opportunities. CollisionLink automates the calculations and reimbursement process making it easier to sell more parts.

Seamless Integration

CollisionLink integrates with shops' estimating systems, streamlining the collision parts ordering process. With VIN verification*, CollisionLink improves the efficiency and accuracy of parts ordering.

Internal reports allow you to have access to the most important information for your parts department such as Salesperson Summary and Detail, Shop Summary and Detail, Parts Analysis, and Market Comparison. In addition, OEC has integrated with other industry systems, such as PartsTrader, to further streamline your workflow to help save time and maximize productivity.

Collision shops can order parts online, view OEM programs, attach photos with notes, to increase accurate communication. These features reduce returns and make CollisionLink Shop the #1 parts procurement system of choice. With over 40,000 enrolled shops, it is highly likely that your shops are already using CollisionLink with other dealers.

Most dealers have at least a few shops that they regularly transact with, despite being close to a large wholesaler.
Your goal should be to connect with your customers and ensure that you are top of mind when it comes to submitting their estimates.
Likely a lot. Some focus on a five to ten mile radius; others will look much further.
Well, it depends!
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CollisionLink® is the collision industry’s all-makes solution giving dealers the ability to increase their wholesale collision parts sales.