The Right Part at the Right Time.

Backordered parts can create a domino effect of problems, including low customer satisfaction ratings, potential rental car expenses and lost revenue. Sourcing and fulfillment becomes an automated process that can deliver needed parts within 24 hours. More than 25% of these orders often contain backordered parts sitting idle!

Why do you need D2D Express?

Reduce Idle Inventory

By accepting offers from dealers looking for parts, you can maintain a clean inventory, often times offloading your idle parts that otherwise have a low likelihood of selling. Incremental parts sales from these orders help boost your bottom line and get your dealership reinvesting in faster moving parts.

Integrated Virtual Warehouse

Using D2DLink® to integrate inventories into a single virtual warehouse, D2D Express technology automatically:

  • Identifies stocking locations electronically, offering you the ability to sell the part
  • Awards the order to the first supplier who responds, earning incremental sales
  • Integrates fast, free next-day shipping by the seller (based on OEM availability)

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Reduce your downtime with fleets as well as return customers’ vehicles faster by being able to locate a backordered part from a dealer nearby, and receive the part in 24 hours or less. Less time spent waiting for parts means that customers leave happy, and you have more vehicles being serviced which is a win-win for everyone.

Sell More Parts

Time is the biggest enemy when working in a parts department, and backordered parts can cause a huge problem and be a costly expense. D2D Express helps you sell more parts by allowing you to respond to dealers nationwide that are looking for the parts in your inventory. Create instant sales opportunities, often beyond your traditional market.

Leif Johnson Ford

"D2D Express added $300,000 to my top-line last year just by responding to online requests for emergency backordered parts. I ship an average of 20 - 30 packages a day. The technology does all of the work and I reap the benefits of incremental parts sales."

Scott Webb, Parts Manager, Leif Johnson Ford
Jennings Chev

"D2D Express adds almost $100,000 a year to my bottom line. I'm tapping markets I never would have before all without any additional overhead."

John Lipecki, Parts Manager, Jennings Chevrolet
Inventory management solutions connect dealers to each other to allow for sourcing of parts rather than waiting.
Online solutions, like OEC D2DLink, help dealerships like yours locate parts from other dealerships with a few clicks.
​When customers come to get their car serviced for a repair or recall, they want the fastest turnaround time possible.
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