D2DLink Testimonials

Dealer Testimonials

"D2DLink is a great time-saving tool our parts department uses daily. The program helps us get the right parts to our customers the first time!"
Rich H., Parts Manager
Don Wood Ford, Lincoln Inc.

"D2DLink is a fast, efficient and accurate parts locating program. It's so simple to use and it saves me a tremendous amount of time each day."
Ed B., Parts Manager
Diodosio Suzuki

"OEC's D2DLink program is helping revolutionize the industry in parts locators and electronic ordering, and AutoWay Parts Center was one of the first dealers to begin using the program. As our business continues to grow, OEC's D2DLink and CollisionLink programs takes AutoWay Parts Center to the leading edge of business solutions for Parts Wholesaling."
Jim K., Parts Manager
Autoway Parts Center

"OEC's online parts exchange has helped me spend less money, fix vehicles faster, and work more efficiently. We used our old locator a few times a day, but it wasn't up to date. We'd call the dealer only to find that they had already sold the part. With the OEC online parts exchange, I found a part that I was going to have to send through Navistar's critical order process. I got the part overnight, paid less than expected, didn't have to pay a surcharge, and repaired the vehicle and got it back on the road faster. I've also found parts through OEC that I previously had to buy in packs from Navistar – and oftentimes they're at a discount! I've also set up parts at discount by last sale date. Since the program automatically updates my discounts, I don't have to worry that the right parts are in the right category."
Terry C., Parts Manager
Truck Center, Inc.

"D2DLink is a great tool, especially for those hard-to-find parts. D2DLink saves us time and helps us achieve better customer satisfaction by getting the right parts, fast."
Chuck L., Parts Manager
Haggin-Wimberley Ford

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