Work Smarter by Integrating
your DMS with OEC

Get Time Back in your Day to Sell More Parts

Your parts department has no time to waste re-keying parts or toggling between screens. DMS Connect connects your DMS data with real-time inventory feeds and links with your OEC solutions to ensure a streamlined workflow with all the information needed to make quick parts selling decisions.

Ensure Accuracy in Each Order

DMS Connect connects your DMS data into CollisionLink, RepairLink, MarketplaceDirect, D2DLink, and D2D Express and allows you to create quotes directly to your DMS without the added hassle of re-keying parts numbers. This reduces chances of errors when copying data between systems and ensures accuracy of your quotes each and every time.

Why Use DMS Connect?

Use DMS Sell Price on OEC Orders

  • Save time by eliminating the need to verify customer selling prices in your DMS
  • Avoid pricing mistakes and improve customer satisfaction

Access Your Real-Time Inventory

  • Make faster and more accurate selling decisions by knowing your current quantity on hand

Display Your Real-Time Inventory

  • Stand out from competition by providing real-time information as opposed to daily
  • Grow marketplace reputation with inventory dependability

Create Quotes in DMS from OEC Orders

  • Save significant time throughout the day by not having to re-type orders in your DMS
  • Avoid mistakes which minimizes costly returns and improves customer satisfaction through reliability
"Before we had DMS Connect we had to manually type the customer's name, address, customer number, door number, FCSD #, etc, on the invoice. With DMS Connect, we're able to transfer over the information with one click of a button saving valuable minutes each day! We're processing 30-40 orders a day, and the previous process was time-consuming. It's also very helpful to see the real-time DMS quantity in processing orders also."
Greg J., Parts Manager, Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford
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DMS Integration means linking your DMS to the online parts selling solution you use to sell parts.
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