Dealer Testimonials

"Before we had DMS Connect we had to manually type the customer's name, address, customer number, door number, FCSD #, etc, on the invoice. With DMS Connect, we're able to transfer over the information with one click of a button saving valuable minutes each day! We're processing 30-40 orders a day, and the previous process was time consuming. It's also very helpful to see the real-time DMS quantity in processing orders."
Greg J., Parts Manager
Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford

"CollisionLink and DMS Connect, combined with adding a second monitor for each workstation – means our team productivity is substantially higher. There was a one-time setup of shops in CollisionLink to ensure each got the right DMS discount, and now, when the orders come in online, they're faster and more accurate. Once filled, one button sends them automatically into our DMS. We're gradually converting shops to online ordering with a goal of going paperless within the next year. I answer directly to the dealership owner, and when I can say that we're processing more orders with the same amount of people, that's a good thing."
Steve H., Parts Manager
Park Chrysler

"We save between 2 and 15 minutes per order using DMS Connect for D2D Express and CollisionLink transactions, depending on the number of parts per order. All the D2D Express shipping information goes right into the DMS automatically using DMS Connect. Our dealership processes about 100 OEC online transactions each week. I estimate that using DMS Connect we save an average of 4 minutes per order equating to 6.6 hours per week. That's found time for my guys to proactively find new customers and call current customers to grow the business."
Tom F., Parts Manager
Bachman Chevrolet

"We're filling almost 50% of our parts orders now online with CollisionLink and DMS Connect. We process orders in CollisionLink instead of our ADP system, and then once the sale is final, at the touch of a button the order feeds both our DMS and sends the completed order to our shop customers. The team and I only check the parts that are flagged as needing attention. We are processing over a half million dollars in wholesale business each month with just 3 people – it used to take 5 or 6 people to do that same volume."
Dan H., Parts Manager
Tom O’Brien Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge

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