Why PartsBrokerDirect?

Dealer Testimonials

"PartsBrokerDirect works great for me. It is very easy to use, the matches are accurate and the frequency is perfect. My offers are twice as big as the competitors and I really like that I get the final confirmation. Plus, since I started using PartsBrokerDirect, I have been matched with sellers that I have never done business with. Now, I have a new set of customers that I was not able to reach before.

The PartsBrokerDirect website is very responsive. I just click and it happens. It makes it easy to use all of the features, like sorting, which makes my job easier. The offers are bigger, the website is easy to use and everything is processed quickly. I would, and do, recommend PartsBrokerDirect all of the time."
Marvin W., Parts Director
Benchmark Chrysler

"We use PartsBrokerDirect daily to maximize buying and selling opportunities. The program offers us a chance to sell or buy from any of the D2DLink customers throughout the country. Also, the dedicated staff works with you to find the matches for your company."
Zach H., Parts Manager
Hudiburg Auto Group

"PartsBrokerDirect has helped us sell over $20,000 of idle inventory in 6 months. Their brokers have always been very helpful and have provided excellent service and opportunities for our dealership."
Zach B., Parts Sales Manager
Freeway Ford Truck Sales

"I’ve been able to use PartsBrokerDirect and their shipping partner to sell and ship parts I’ve had in the back for more than 8 years. It’s been helpful to get rid of that stuff. I was able to ship doors and other large collision-type parts on three different shipments. I went through and priced it through a competitor, to compare the savings on shipments, and I saved about $150 on each pallet that I shipped. So, everything is going good."
Renee W., Parts Manager
Bradford Motors

“The process to complete an order using PartsBrokerDirect is basic and simple. I’ve done 10 orders in the last five weeks that have resulted in roughly $12,000-15,000 of obsolete parts sales. We had $75,000 in obsolete inventory and PartsBrokerDirect has helped us move in the right direction.

My PartsBrokerDirect broker is awesome; he is always available to answer questions or promptly calls me back. There was one occasion that I called him later in the afternoon because I had an order I needed to get out that day. I didn’t think I’d be able to because we’re on west coast time but he got the Voicemail and helped me get the order out that day even though it was his off hours.”
Robert S., Parts Manager
Sunset Auto Center

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