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"RepairLink really is a one-stop shop for all OEM parts. We no longer have to look on multiple websites to see which car our customers are working on – we just have to look at one: RepairLink."
Kevin S., Parts Director
Hawkinson Nissan/KIA

"We have definitely gained new customers since implementing RepairLink, including four or five that I would consider good customers. These are all shops that never used us before, and we are happy to have their business."
Joe M., Parts Manager
Dallas Dodge Chrysler Jeep

"We feel like RepairLink helps us beat the competition in the aftermarket world because we know repair shops want to use OEM parts. It helps us level the playing field with the price, and that’s what we really like on the product. We like that we have to fax fewer illustrations to the shops because they are able to view them online. They sometimes know what it looks like better than we do because they have it in their hands. That helps streamline the process because they can look at it online, order online … and it’s a lot less time involved in the whole process."
Brian D., Wholesale Parts Manager
Graham Automall

"RepairLink represents the up-and-coming method for communicating with wholesale parts customers. Shops don’t have to call just for pricing information, nor do they have to wait by their fax machines for parts illustrations. RepairLink speeds up the entire process, which is a plus for our customers and for us."
Randy M., Parts Manager
Walker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

“One of our largest-volume shops told us that RepairLink allows them to look up parts prices and compare them to aftermarket sites. The shop employee stated that 80% of the time Chrysler and GM parts are pricing out more reasonably than aftermarket. Shops have been under the impression that dealerships will always be the most expensive place to go. With RepairLink, they are finding it’s not so true.”
Don C., Parts Manager
Park Chrysler Jeep

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