DeliverNow FAQs

DeliverNow Frequently Asked Questions

What is DeliverNow?

DeliverNow is the new on-demand delivery solution from OEC. Integrated into RepairLink and available for all OEC solutions and phone orders, DeliverNow connects the largest network of buyers and OEM dealerships with the largest established delivery fleet of crowd-sourced and insured vehicles in the US. DeliverNow is the most seamless and cost-effective way to get parts orders out the door in 30 minutes or less.

Why are you offering DeliverNow?

OEC understands dealership customers have high expectations when it comes to getting the parts they ordered delivered to them the same day. OEC also understands dealers have a tough time establishing a sustainable and cost-effective same-day delivery process. That’s why we created DeliverNow, an easy-to-use delivery option built into a system you already use (RepairLink), alleviating the delivery pain point for all dealers. Currently, repair facilities are accustomed to hot-shot delivery from their aftermarket suppliers, and DeliverNow offers this ability right from the OEC portal, making the solution the most cost-effective way to service OEM parts buyers.

You can set up on-demand delivery directly within the RepairLink tab if you are working on an order or you can use the DeliverNow tab separately when using other OEC programs. For full instructions, stay tuned for updates coming soon.

How do I get started with DeliverNow?

Coming soon, you will notice a new “DeliverNow” tab within the OEC portal. This tab will be visible to everyone with access to the portal, but your dealership’s OEC Admin will be the only person who will see the “Get Started Now” button at the bottom of the page. Once that button appears, your dealership’s OEC Admin can opt-in to this new feature!

Is DeliverNow available in my area?

DeliverNow is available to over 90% of dealer locations currently using an OEC solution. If the “Get Started Now” button appears on the new DeliverNow tab in the OEC portal, the DeliverNow solution is available in your area.

What is the cost to use this feature?

It is FREE to sign-up for DeliverNow and there are no recurring subscription fees for this new feature. You are only charged for the deliveries you use, and those costs can be passed along to your buyers. It is highly recommended dealers notify their buyers separately if/when a dealer decides to charge a buyer for any DeliverNow delivery fees.

What does a normal delivery cost?

On average, the cost per delivery is around $18, but the price per delivery will vary based on the distance to the delivery location. Avg cost per delivery is based on current market rates within a 15-mile radius of the dealer.

Putting an insured vehicle, and driver on the road can cost your dealership about $4,000 per month. With DeliverNow, your parts department can off-load about 240+ individual on-demand deliveries for the same cost. If your dealership is not yet at that delivery volume, DeliverNow is the most cost-effective way to serve your customers who need parts NOW!

How does payment work?

Each DeliverNow charge is collected and billed to your dealership each month via your OEC statement. You do not need to use a credit card for each delivery or pay for each delivery separately.

How do I charge my customers for delivery?

When you choose to use DeliverNow to deliver parts to your buyers, you can choose to pass the delivery cost on to them.

What will happen if I do not like this new delivery feature and prefer a different delivery process?

There is no commitment or usage requirement when you opt-in to DeliverNow and there is no penalty for low or no volume if you opt-in. If you do not want to use this delivery feature, you can simply choose your own delivery method separately. This is an added feature and not a requirement for RepairLink order transaction.

I have a delivery process already in place. Can I use this delivery feature and my current delivery process?

Yes. You can use DeliverNow in addition to the delivery process you have in place without interference.

When will my dealership have DeliverNow activated?

We are currently activating RepairLink dealers in the highest coverage areas for delivery.

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