DeliverNow Testimonials

"DeliverNow is another option for delivery and customer satisfaction. Easy to use, the customers loved it. We see the potential for business growth and competing with the aftermarket in delivery times.”

Rich Nimkie, Hiller Ford, Wholesale Parts Sales Specialist, Franklin, WI

“Worked great! I am excited to see how much business we can get back from these aftermarket vendors”

Chris Barnes, Parts Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Nashville

“I’d tell other dealers to check it out, it’s always nice to have more options. It was quick and easy, and another option for delivery in a busy environment.”

Alex Lopez, Parts Director, Capitol Chevrolet, Austin, TX

“It is a wonderful tool. Extremely helpful to use on hotshot deliveries. Customers were very happy with it as well. It will essentially give me the power of having a fleet of drivers like the NAPA and Autozone stores have.”

Nick Wade, Parts Manager, Twin City Hyundai, Alcoa, TN

"Time is number one concern of shops when waiting on parts. We can't be everywhere at the same time for every customer. Divide and conquer on deliveries. DeliverNow helps increase parts sales and be more effective at getting orders out quickly."

Kris Germ, Motorcars Acura Volvo, Parts Manager, Bedford, OH

“DeliverNow is a great option to have available for your parts department. Having another delivery option to meet the customer’s needs, and it provides a service other dealers aren’t offering. Very easy to use and it was seamless with RepairLink.”

Brian Townsend, Wholesales Parts Lead, Autonation, Denver, CO

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