One click access to the parts information you need

EPCLink is an add-on feature for RepairLink℠ and CollisionLink® users, designed to provide direct access to parts catalog data directly within your OEC Portal.

Search Every Part

  • With one click, search the EPC for every part in your CollisionLink or RepairLink order
  • See illustrations, supersession, and part information easily directly from OEC orders

Validate Information Easily

  • Edit, add notes and attach illustrations directly to CollisionLink and RepairLink orders for customers to view
  • Part information updated directly from OEM sources

Optimize your Parts Order Process

  • The fully integrated solution allows you to stay in one application
  • Reduce switching between CollisionLink or RepairLink and the parts catalog
  • Access upfront information including supersession data, pre-filtered illustrations to find exact part information you need, faster

Sell More

  • Add related parts directly back into your CollisionLink or RepairLink orders
  • Capitalize on additional sales opportunities by identifying related parts
Jim Johnson Bill Brobst Lakeland CDJR 060257

“EPCLink is intuitive and fast! It helps save us a lot of time on each order especially if a customer has supplied an incorrect part request. Using EPCLink within CollisionLink and RepairLink is easier than having to go into a separate catalog to look up parts. My favorite part of using EPCLink is that it’s so easy, everyone in my department can use it. This is the ideal way we envision a parts catalog working for our dealership.”

Jim Johnson and Bill Brobst, Wholesale Parts Reps, Lakeland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Autonation CDJR Colorado

"As a long time CollisionLink and RepairLink user, the EPCLink integration is huge for our dealership. This creates a big advantage over using other platforms. Using EPCLink saves us at least 20 minutes when processing large orders due to the ease of use, accuracy and overall efficiency. "

Brian Townsend, Wholesale Parts Manager, AutoNation
Bayside CDJR

"EPCLink is easier to use than any other EPC I’ve used in the past! It’s so straight forward - even a new guy off the streets could pick it up in a few minutes. The ability to add additional parts directly from EPCLink into my CollisionLink and RepairLink orders increases the value of every order I process. EPCLink makes my job easier, saves me and my team time, and makes us more efficient."

Jonathan “Trip” Triplett, Parts Manager, Bayside Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Weld county garage

“I’m always open to change that helps me work smarter and faster and EPCLink allows me to quickly check all the parts in an order which I can do much quicker than when using my current EPC. It means I don’t need to look up parts, then cut and paste, and use two different screens to process orders. EPCLink is really helping me process collision orders quickly and saves me a lot of time.”

Ian Moore, Weld County Garage, Inc, Greeley, CO
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