Fast. Accurate. Transparent.

Using intelligent OEM data, QuoteLink gives users access to one simple menu in line with manufacturer standards, through one safe and secure solution.

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Deliver an accurate service, maintenance or repair quote in under 10 seconds

Fast & Friendly

Prices for all parts, labour and fluid delivered quickly and accurately. QuoteLink is also proven to enhance CSI ratings and improve customer retention.

Simple & Safe

QuoteLink's intuitive system requires minimal training and set up. It is also flexible so can adapt to your needs as a web-based or DMS integrated solution.

Key Functionality

QuoteLink combines pricing data with labour pricing and any additional costs at the click of a button. It has a simple, modern and easy to use UI and can be web or DMS based or integrated into other solutions such as eVHC, BookLink, Workshop Control, CheckLink & OEM Vehicle Owner platforms.

QuoteLink uses OEM data curated by OEC's in-house authoring teams to deliver highly accurate results and to improve user experience, the solution searches via VIN, VRN and Manual Match, giving users access to one simple menu in line with manufacturer standards.


QuoteLink ensures that OEM's can cater the solution to any market in any country worldwide, which is why we've inbuilt local languages and taxes. OEM's can also set global, national and local campaigns, content, pricing, participation all from one place, making QuoteLink easy and convenient for anyone to use. This increases customer appreciation and loyalty, reinforcing your reputation for honesty and openness and creating the perfect environment for you to sell more.

QuoteLink also supports all fast throughput jobs which equates to around 80% of a dealership's aftersales business.

Key Stats

  • Used by over 10,000 dealerships worldwide
  • Live in over 60 markets
  • Deployed in every continent except Antarctica
  • Delivers a quote in under 10 seconds
  • 3x every second someone is using QuoteLink
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