Backorder Referral

Efficient management of backordered and mission-critical parts.

80% to 90% of a supply chain's backordered parts-in-need can be found within the inventories of the dealer network. Additionally, 25% of needed parts are sitting idle. OEC® solutions help dealerships efficiently manage backordered and mission-critical parts.

Get detailed reporting through automated functions

OEC offers detailed reporting and order confirmation statuses. In addition, our solutions automate the following functions:

  • Identifying dealers stocking needed backordered parts
  • Generating requests
  • Tracking order confirmation
  • Facilitating next-day shipping

Fulfill emergency orders without additional investment

Using our configurable sourcing and order referral engine, a dealer can fulfill emergency orders within 24 hours or less without any additional investment in "safety" stock, inventory carrying costs, parts distribution facilities or parts handling/logistic personnel.

Sustainable Competitive Advantages

  • 24-hour or less backorder fulfillment
  • Elimination of costly manual, labor-intensive processes
  • Lower rental/replacement product expense
  • Improved on-time service delivery and CSI

  • Reduced warehouse inventory investment
  • Decreased shipping costs and fewer manually expedited orders
  • Decreased field parts obsolescence
  • Reduced need for premium incentives and costly inventory write-downs
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